Fixed Star Long. 1900 Long. 2000 Planet contact Constellation Decl. 2000

Accumulates money

EL NATH 21GEM11 22GEM35 Saturn Taurus +28.36'

Success delayed until after 50

NUNKI 10CAP59 12CAP23 Saturn Sagittarius -26.17'

Honors or favors in middle life

RIGEL 15GEM26 16GEM50 Venus Orion -08.12'


ACHERNAR 13PIS53 15PIS19 General Eridanus -57.14'

Benefits from others

ALMACH 12TAU50 14TAU14 General Andromeda +42.20'

Comfortable surroundings

SPICA 22LIB27 23LIB50 Neptune Virgo -11.08'

Dependent upon others

CAPELLA 20GEM28 21GEM51 Uranus Auriga +46.00'

Income from others, when setting

DENEB ADIGE 03PIS57 05PIS20 Setting Cygnus +45.16'

Gain through matters of an earthy nature

GIEDI PRIMA 02PIS22 03PIS46 Saturn Aquarius +00.47'

Success in latter part of life in affairs of an earthy or Sagittarius nature, but little prominence

SABIK 16SAG34 17SAG58 Saturn Ophiuchus -15.43'

Benefits from elderly people

RIGEL 15GEM26 16GEM50 Saturn Orion -08.12'

Favorable for financial affairs

ALGENIB 07ARI46 09ARI09 Venus Pegasus +15.11'


EL NATH 21GEM11 22GEM35 General Taurus +28.36'


CAPELLA 20GEM28 21GEM51 Constellation Auriga +46.00'
HASSELEH 15GEM15 16GEM38 Constellation Auriga +33.09'
HOEDUS I 17GEM14 18GEM38 Constellation Auriga +41.04'
HOEDUS II 18GEM03 19GEM27 Constellation Auriga +41.13'
MENKALINAN 28GEM31 29GEM55 Constellation Auriga +44.56'
SPICA 22LIB27 23LIB50 Uranus Virgo -11.08'

Good fortune

ALDEBARAN 08GEM23 09GEM47 Rising Taurus +16.31'
ALNILAM 22GEM04 23GEM28 General Orion -01.12'
MINTAKA 21GEM00 22GEM24 General Orion +00.21'
PHACT 20GEM46 22GEM10 General Columba -34.04'
REGULUS 28LEO26 29LEO50 Culminating Leo +11.58'
RIGEL 15GEM26 16GEM50 Rising Orion -08.12'
RIGEL 15GEM26 16GEM50 Sun Orion -08.12'
SKAT 07PIS29 08PIS52 General Aquarius -15.49'
ZUBENELSCHEMALI 17SCO59 19SCO22 General Libra -09.22'

Great fortune

EL NATH 21GEM11 22GEM35 Constellation Taurus +28.36'

Very good fortune

LABRUM 25VIR18 26VIR41 Rising Crater -14.46'

Preferment and good fortune attended by many dangers and anxieties through own folly, benefits seldom last

DENEBOLA 20VIR14 21VIR37 Rising Leo +14.35'

Honor, preferment and good fortune

ANTARES 08SAG22 09SAG46 Culminating Scorpius -26.26'

Ample fortune and great honor

BETELGEUSE 27GEM21 28GEM45 Culminating Orion +07.24'
REGULUS 28LEO26 29LEO50 Culminating Leo +11.58'

Unbounded good fortune

SPICA 22LIB27 23LIB50 Rising Virgo -11.08'

Fortunate though liable to loss through others

PRAESAEPE 05LEO57 07LEO20 General Cancer +19.41'

Fortune but with regret and disgrace

TEREBELLUM 24CAP27 25CAP51 General Sagittarius -26.18'

Good fortune but troubles

PRINCEPS 01SCO45 03SCO09 Rising Bootes +33.19'

Good fortune and misfortune alternately

MENKAR 12TAU55 14TAU19 Uranus Cetus +04.04'

Contradictions in fortune

PRIMA HYADUM 04GEM24 05GEM48 General Taurus +15.37'

Favorable for gain

ACRAB 01SAG48 03SAG11 Venus Scorpius -19.48'
AL HECKA 23GEM23 24GEM47 Neptune Taurus +21.09'
ALFARD 25LEO53 27LEO17 Jupiter Hydra -08.40'
ALFARD 25LEO53 27LEO17 Venus Hydra -08.40'
ALPHERATZ 12ARI55 14ARI18 Jupiter Andromeda +29.05'
ALPHERATZ 12ARI55 14ARI18 Uranus Andromeda +29.05'
ALTAIR 00AQU22 01AQU47 Uranus Aquila +08.52'
ASELLUS BOREALI 06LEO09 07LEO32 Saturn Cancer +21.28'
ASELLUS BOREALI 06LEO09 07LEO32 Uranus Cancer +21.28'
ASELLUS BOREALI 06LEO09 07LEO32 Venus Cancer +21.28'
BELLATRIX 19GEM33 20GEM57 Neptune Orion +06.21'
BETELGEUSE 27GEM21 28GEM45 Venus Orion +07.24'
GIEDI PRIMA 18CAN51 20CAN14 Uranus Gemini +31.53'
DABIH 02AQU39 04AQU03 Mercury Capricornus -14.47'
DSCHUBBA 01SAG10 02SAG34 Venus Scorpius -22.36'
EL NATH 21GEM11 22GEM35 Jupiter Taurus +28.36'
EL NATH 21GEM11 22GEM35 Mercury Taurus +28.36'
EL NATH 21GEM11 22GEM35 Venus Taurus +28.36'
HAMAL 06TAU16 07TAU40 Saturn Aries +23.27'
PRIMA HYADUM 04GEM24 05GEM48 Mercury Taurus +15.37'
PRIMA HYADUM 04GEM24 05GEM48 Uranus Taurus +15.37'
PROCYON 24CAN24 25CAN47 Mercury Canis Minor +05.13'
PROCYON 24CAN24 25CAN47 Venus Canis Minor +05.13'
RAS ALHAGUE 21SAG03 22SAG27 Jupiter Ophiuchus +12.33'
RAS ALHAGUE 21SAG03 22SAG27 Moon Ophiuchus +12.33'
GIEDI PRIMA 02PIS22 03PIS46 Moon Aquarius +00.47'
GIEDI PRIMA 02PIS22 03PIS46 Saturn Aquarius +00.47'
SADALSUUD 22AQU00 23AQU24 Moon Aquarius -05.34'
SIRIUS 12CAN42 14CAN05 Neptune Canis Major -16.42'
SKAT 07PIS29 08PIS52 Venus Aquarius -15.49'
POLIS 28SCO13 29SCO29 Jupiter Centaurus -60.49'
POLIS 28SCO13 29SCO29 Neptune Centaurus -60.49'
POLIS 28SCO13 29SCO29 Saturn Centaurus -60.49'
UNUKALHAI 20SCO40 22SCO05 Venus Serpens +06.26'
VEGA 13CAP55 15CAP19 Jupiter Lyra +38.47'
VEGA 13CAP55 15CAP19 Mars Lyra +38.47'
ZANIAH 03LIB08 04LIB31 Venus Virgo +00.07'
ZUBENELSCHEMALI 17SCO59 19SCO22 Saturn Libra -09.22'

Favorable for gain but danger of loss by fire or theft

ASELLUS BOREALI 06LEO09 07LEO32 Neptune Cancer +21.28'

Good for gain but much expenditure

ZUBENELSCHEMALI 17SCO59 19SCO22 Uranus Libra -09.22'

Much gain and loss

NUNKI 10CAP59 12CAP23 Uranus Sagittarius -26.17'
VEGA 13CAP55 15CAP19 Uranus Lyra +38.47'

Great gain

ASELLUS BOREALI 06LEO09 07LEO32 Jupiter Cancer +21.28'

Material gain

ALDEBARAN 08GEM23 09GEM47 Mercury Taurus +16.31'


ACRAB 01SAG48 03SAG11 Mercury Scorpius -19.48'
ACRAB 01SAG48 03SAG11 Moon Scorpius -19.48'

Valuable gifts

ALNILAM 22GEM04 23GEM28 Moon Orion -01.12'
ASCELLA 12CAP15 13CAP38 General Sagittarius -29.53'
GIEDI PRIMA 02AQU22 03AQU46 Moon Capricornus -12.30'
MINTAKA 21GEM00 22GEM24 Moon Orion +00.21'
SKAT 07PIS29 08PIS52 Moon Aquarius -15.49'
ZUBENELSCHEMALI 17SCO59 19SCO22 Moon Libra -09.22'

Favorable for gifts

SIRIUS 12CAN42 14CAN05 Saturn Canis Major -16.42'

Gifts if not afflicted

PROCYON 24CAN24 25CAN47 Sun Canis Minor +05.13'

Favors from influential people

ZUBENELSCHEMALI 17SCO59 19SCO22 Mercury Libra -09.22'

Unexpected losses and gains

CANOPUS 13CAN35 14CAN58 Neptune Carina -52.42'
GIEDI PRIMA 02AQU22 03AQU46 Sun Capricornus -12.30'

Very lucky

HOMAN 14PIS45 16PIS09 General Pegasus +10.49'


ACRAB 01SAG48 03SAG11 Moon Scorpius -19.48'
ACRAB 01SAG48 03SAG11 Sun Scorpius -19.48'
VEGA 13CAP55 15CAP19 Uranus Lyra +38.47'

Material success

ALDEBARAN 08GEM23 09GEM47 Saturn Taurus +16.31'
SABIK 16SAG34 17SAG58 Jupiter Ophiuchus -15.43'
SADALSUUD 22AQU00 23AQU24 Jupiter Aquarius -05.34'
VEGA 13CAP55 15CAP19 Neptune Lyra +38.47'

Favorable for material gain

ALPHECCA 10SCO53 12SCO18 Jupiter Corona Borealis +26.43'
ASELLUS BOREALI 06LEO09 07LEO32 Moon Cancer +21.28'

Material Gain

AGENA 22SCO24 23SCO48 Mercury Centaurus -60.22'

Favorable for money matters but extravagant and has many debts

ACRAB 01SAG48 03SAG11 Mars Scorpius -19.48'

Gain through old people, grandparents

ZANIAH 03LIB08 04LIB31 Saturn Virgo +00.07'

Gain through an annuity or pension

VEGA 13CAP55 15CAP19 Moon Lyra +38.47'

Gain of possessions

AIN 07GEM19 08GEM28 Sun Taurus +19.11'

Loss of possessions

ALCYONE 28TAU36 00GEM00 Mercury Taurus +24.06'
ASTEROPE 28TAU21 29TAU44 Mercury Taurus +24.33'
CELAENO 28TAU02 29TAU26 Mercury Taurus +24.17'
ELECTRA 28TAU01 29TAU25 Mercury Taurus +24.06'
MAIA 28TAU17 29TAU41 Mercury Taurus +24.21'
MEROPE 28TAU18 29TAU42 Mercury Taurus +23.56'
TAYGETA 28TAU10 29TAU34 Mercury Taurus +24.27'

Benefits from professional men

ALPHERATZ 12ARI55 14ARI18 Jupiter Andromeda +29.05'

Some profit and preferment

ALTAIR 00AQU22 01AQU47 Moon Aquila +08.52'

Slow but fairly successful progress

POLIS 28SCO13 29SCO29 Sun Centaurus -60.49'


ADHAFERA 26LEO10 27LEO34 Rising Leo +23.25'
ALHENA 07CAN42 09CAN06 Moon Gemini +16.24'
ALPHERATZ 12ARI55 14ARI18 General Andromeda +29.05'
DENEBOLA 20VIR14 21VIR37 Rising Leo +14.35'
MARKAB 22PIS06 23PIS29 General Pegasus +15.11'
MENKALINAN 28GEM31 29GEM55 Jupiter Auriga +44.56'
RIGEL 15GEM26 16GEM50 General Orion -08.12'
SPICA 22LIB27 23LIB50 Culminating Virgo -11.08'
SPICA 22LIB27 23LIB50 General Virgo -11.08'
SPICA 22LIB27 23LIB50 Rising Virgo -11.08'
ZUBENELSCHEMALI 17SCO59 19SCO22 General Libra -09.22'

Honour and riches in disgrace

ALDEBARAN 08GEM23 09GEM47 Sun Taurus +16.31'
ANTARES 08SAG22 09SAG46 Sun Scorpius -26.26'
LABRUM 25VIR18 26VIR41 General Crater -14.46'
REGULUS 28LEO26 29LEO50 Sun Leo +11.58'

Riches and preferment attended by danger, violence, trouble, sickness, and benefits seldom last

ACRAB 01SAG48 03SAG11 Moon Scorpius -19.48'
ACRAB 01SAG48 03SAG11 Rising Scorpius -19.48'
ACRAB 01SAG48 03SAG11 Sun Scorpius -19.48'

Riches, which may be lost

VEGA 13CAP55 15CAP19 Jupiter Lyra +38.47'

Riches and honor, benefits seldom last

ANTARES 08SAG22 09SAG46 Moon Scorpius -26.26'
ANTARES 08SAG22 09SAG46 Rising Scorpius -26.26'

Riches and honor but final ruin

BELLATRIX 19GEM33 20GEM57 Sun Orion +06.21'
POLLUX 21CAN50 23CAN13 Sun Gemini +28.01'

Gain through speculation

ACRAB 01SAG48 03SAG11 Uranus Scorpius -19.48'
ALPHERATZ 12ARI55 14ARI18 Venus Andromeda +29.05'
DENEB ALGEDI 22AQU08 23AQU33 Neptune Capricornus -16.08'
FOMALHAUT 02PIS27 03PIS52 Neptune Pisces Australis -29.38'
REGULUS 28LEO26 29LEO50 Moon Leo +11.58'
REGULUS 28LEO26 29LEO50 Uranus Leo +11.58'
GIEDI PRIMA 02PIS22 03PIS46 Saturn Aquarius +00.47'

Notorious through and luck in speculation

PROCYON 24CAN24 25CAN47 Neptune Canis Minor +05.13'


RIGEL 15GEM26 16GEM50 General Orion -08.12'


AGENA 22SCO24 23SCO48 Sun Centaurus -60.22'
ALGENIB 07ARI46 09ARI09 Saturn Pegasus +15.11'
ALNILAM 22GEM04 23GEM28 Saturn Orion -01.12'
POLIS 01CAP49 03CAP13 General Sagittarius -21.03'
PRIMA HYADUM 04GEM24 05GEM48 Saturn Taurus +15.37'
RAS ALHAGUE 21SAG03 22SAG27 Saturn Ophiuchus +12.33'
REGULUS 28LEO26 29LEO50 General Leo +11.58'
REGULUS 28LEO26 29LEO50 Uranus Leo +11.58'
RIGEL 15GEM26 16GEM50 Neptune Orion -08.12'
SABIK 16SAG34 17SAG58 Neptune Ophiuchus -15.43'
SPICA 22LIB27 23LIB50 General Virgo -11.08'

Lasting success if well aspected

ARCTURUS 22LIB50 24LIB14 General Bootes +19.11'


ACRAB 01SAG48 03SAG11 Moon Scorpius -19.48'
ALCYONE 28TAU36 00GEM00 Neptune Taurus +24.06'
ALHENA 07CAN42 09CAN06 Saturn Gemini +16.24'
ASTEROPE 28TAU21 29TAU44 Neptune Taurus +24.33'
BELLATRIX 19GEM33 20GEM57 General Orion +06.21'
BELLATRIX 19GEM33 20GEM57 Moon Orion +06.21'
BETELGEUSE 27GEM21 28GEM45 General Orion +07.24'
BETELGEUSE 27GEM21 28GEM45 Moon Orion +07.24'
CAPELLA 20GEM28 21GEM51 General Auriga +46.00'
CELAENO 28TAU02 29TAU26 Neptune Taurus +24.17'
DABIH 02AQU39 04AQU03 Moon Capricornus -14.47'
DENEB ALGEDI 22AQU08 23AQU33 Culminating Capricornus -16.08'
ELECTRA 28TAU01 29TAU25 Neptune Taurus +24.06'
HAMAL 06TAU16 07TAU40 Neptune Aries +23.27'
MAIA 28TAU17 29TAU41 Neptune Taurus +24.21'
MEROPE 28TAU18 29TAU42 Neptune Taurus +23.56'
NUNKI 10CAP59 12CAP23 Mercury Sagittarius -26.17'
NUNKI 10CAP59 12CAP23 Neptune Sagittarius -26.17'
REGULUS 28LEO26 29LEO50 Saturn Leo +11.58'
SIRIUS 12CAN42 14CAN05 General Canis Major -16.42'
SPICA 22LIB27 23LIB50 Jupiter Virgo -11.08'
SPICA 22LIB27 23LIB50 Moon Virgo -11.08'
TAYGETA 28TAU10 29TAU34 Neptune Taurus +24.27'

Great wealth

CANOPUS 13CAN35 14CAN58 Culminating Carina -52.42'

Immense wealth

SPICA 22LIB27 23LIB50 Sun Virgo -11.08'

Great and sudden but ephemeral wealth

ALTAIR 00AQU22 01AQU47 General Aquila +08.52'

Great power, honor, wealth, benefits seldom last

REGULUS 28LEO26 29LEO50 Moon Leo +11.58'

Accumulates wealth in a miserly fashion

DABIH 02AQU39 04AQU03 Saturn Capricornus -14.47'

Great honor and wealth but violence and trouble, benefits seldom last

REGULUS 28LEO26 29LEO50 Rising Leo +11.58'

Luxurious surroundings but little wealth

AL HECKA 23GEM23 24GEM47 Saturn Taurus +21.09'

Wealth through others

ALDEBARAN 08GEM23 09GEM47 General Taurus +16.31'

Wealth by violence and rapine

PROCYON 24CAN24 25CAN47 Rising Canis Minor +05.13'

Successful but not wealthy

SABIK 16SAG34 17SAG58 Moon Ophiuchus -15.43'

Little wealth

AL HECKA 23GEM23 24GEM47 Uranus Taurus +21.09'
RAS ALHAGUE 21SAG03 22SAG27 Sun Ophiuchus +12.33'

Wealthy and luxurious environment

UNUKALHAI 20SCO40 22SCO05 Uranus Serpens +06.26'

Always sufficiently well off

SPICA 22LIB27 23LIB50 Neptune Virgo -11.08'

Prosperity from work

ALKALUROPS 01SCO47 03SCO11 Constellation Bootes +37.23'
ARCTURUS 22LIB50 24LIB14 Constellation Bootes +19.11'
CEGINUS 03SCO41 05SCO06 Constellation Bootes +40.21'
IZAR 26LIB42 28LIB06 Constellation Bootes +27.05'
MERGA 14LIB01 15LIB27 Constellation Bootes +46.07'
MUFRID 17LIB56 19LIB20 Constellation Bootes +18.24'
NEKKAR 22LIB50 24LIB15 Constellation Bootes +40.23'
PRINCEPS 01SCO45 03SCO09 Constellation Bootes +33.19'