Tragedies and natural disasters

Fixed Star Long. 1900 Long. 2000 Planet contact Constellation Decl. 2000

Airplane accidents

SCHEAT 27PIS59 29PIS22 General Pegasus +28.04'

Hostile to all things in the air

ALBIREO 29CAP52 01AQU15 Constellation Cygnus +27.58'
AZELFAFAGE 26PIS54 28PIS17 Constellation Cygnus +51.11'
DENEB ADIGE 03PIS57 05PIS20 Constellation Cygnus +45.16'
GIENAH (CYG) 26AQU21 27AQU45 Constellation Cygnus +33.58'
SADOR 23AQU28 24AQU50 Constellation Cygnus +40.15'


POLLUX 21CAN50 23CAN13 Moon Gemini +28.01'

Calamities such as mine accidents, collapse of houses or bridges, mountain slides, earthquakes, volcanoes, eruptions and catastrophes caused by the weather

ALIOTH 25VIR31 26VIR56 General Ursa Major +49.19'


DENEBOLA 20VIR14 21VIR37 General Leo +14.35'
DSCHUBBA 01SAG10 02SAG34 General Scorpius -22.36'
LESATH 22SAG37 24SAG01 General Scorpius -37.17'
SCHEAT 27PIS59 29PIS22 General Pegasus +28.04'

Mass catastrophes

ACRAB 01SAG48 03SAG11 General Scorpius -19.48'

Can occasion the deaths of a great number of people

ALCYONE 28TAU36 00GEM00 General Taurus +24.06'
ASTEROPE 28TAU21 29TAU44 General Taurus +24.33'
CELAENO 28TAU02 29TAU26 General Taurus +24.17'
ELECTRA 28TAU01 29TAU25 General Taurus +24.06'
MAIA 28TAU17 29TAU41 General Taurus +24.21'
MEROPE 28TAU18 29TAU42 General Taurus +23.56'
TAYGETA 28TAU10 29TAU34 General Taurus +24.27'


ADHIL 06TAU28 07TAU52 Constellation Andromeda +45.32'
ALMACH 12TAU50 14TAU14 Constellation Andromeda +42.20'
ALPHERATZ 12ARI55 14ARI18 Constellation Andromeda +29.05'
CAPELLA 20GEM28 21GEM51 Constellation Auriga +46.00'
HASSELEH 15GEM15 16GEM38 Constellation Auriga +33.09'
HOEDUS I 17GEM14 18GEM38 Constellation Auriga +41.04'
HOEDUS II 18GEM03 19GEM27 Constellation Auriga +41.13'
KAJAM 00SAG10 01SAG35 Constellation Hercules +14.02'
KORNEPHOROS 29SCO42 01SAG05 Constellation Hercules +21.29'
MAASYM 18SAG30 19SAG54 Constellation Hercules +26.06'
MARSIK 24SCO19 25SCO43 Constellation Hercules +17.03'
MENKALINAN 28GEM31 29GEM55 Constellation Auriga +44.56'
MIRACH 29ARI01 00TAU24 Constellation Andromeda +35.36'
RAS ALGETHI 14SAG45 16SAG09 Constellation Hercules +14.23'
SARIN 13SAG22 14SAG46 Constellation Hercules +24.50'
VERTEX 26ARI28 27ARI51 Constellation Andromeda +41.15'

Earthquakes and other events that affect large portions of mankind

ALDERAMIN 11ARI24 12ARI47 Constellation Cepheus +62.35'
ALPHIRK 04TAU11 05TAU33 Constellation Cepheus +70.34'
ALRAI 28TAU42 00GEM06 Constellation Cepheus +77.38'
ERAKIS 08ARI20 09ARI42 Constellation Cepheus +58.46'
KURDAH 22ARI50 24ARI13 Constellation Cepheus +64.37'

Destruction by earthquakes

SHERATAN 02TAU34 03TAU58 General Aries +20.47'

Explosions, fire, flaring heat

MANUBRIUM 13CAP36 15CAP00 General Sagittarius -21.44'


ALCYONE 28TAU36 00GEM00 Mars, Uranus Taurus +24.06'
ALDEBARAN 08GEM23 09GEM47 Neptune Taurus +16.31'
ASTEROPE 28TAU21 29TAU44 Mars, Uranus Taurus +24.33'
CELAENO 28TAU02 29TAU26 Mars, Uranus Taurus +24.17'
DENEB KAITOS 01ARI11 02ARI35 Neptune Cetus -17.59'
ELECTRA 28TAU01 29TAU25 Mars, Uranus Taurus +24.06'
MAIA 28TAU17 29TAU41 Mars, Uranus Taurus +24.21'
MENKAR 12TAU55 14TAU19 Uranus Cetus +04.04'
MEROPE 28TAU18 29TAU42 Mars, Uranus Taurus +23.56'
SHERATAN 02TAU34 03TAU58 General Aries +20.47'
TAYGETA 28TAU10 29TAU34 Mars, Uranus Taurus +24.27'

Danger from fires

ASELLUS AUSTRAL 07LEO19 08LEO43 Sun Cancer +18.09'

Fires of catastrophic extent and mass calamities

MIZAR 14VIR17 15VIR42 General Ursa Major +54.56'

Danger from fire, weapons or explosions

MARKAB 22PIS06 23PIS29 General Pegasus +15.11'

Mining accidents

SCHEAT 27PIS59 29PIS22 General Pegasus +28.04'

Connected with poisons

POLLUX 21CAN50 23CAN13 General Gemini +28.01'

Much mortality by poisoning

HAN 07SAG50 09SAG14 Constellation Ophiuchus -10.33'
KELB ALRAI 23SAG56 25SAG20 Constellation Ophiuchus +04.34'
MARFIK 04SAG12 05SAG36 Constellation Ophiuchus +01.59'
RAS ALHAGUE 21SAG03 22SAG27 Constellation Ophiuchus +12.33'
SABIK 16SAG34 17SAG58 Constellation Ophiuchus -15.43'
SINISTRA 28SAG21 29SAG45 Constellation Ophiuchus -09.46'
YED POSTERIOR 02SAG07 03SAG31 Constellation Ophiuchus -04.41'
YED PRIOR 00SAG54 02SAG18 Constellation Ophiuchus -03.41'

Poison, corrosive acids, liquid explosives, and liquid fire

ADHAFERA 26LEO10 27LEO34 General Leo +23.25'

Connected with acid poisons

LESATH 22SAG37 24SAG01 General Scorpius -37.17'
SHAULA 23SAG11 24SAG35 General Scorpius -37.05'

Connected with chemicals, poisons and gas

WASAT 17CAN07 18CAN31 General Gemini +21.58'


NODUS II 15ARI51 17ARI10 Constellation Draco +67.39'
TYL 01TAU21 02TAU42 Constellation Draco +70.16'

Pollution of rivers and air

ALWAID 10SAG34 11SAG58 Constellation Draco +52.18'
ARRAKIS 23SCO21 24SCO45 Constellation Draco +54.28'
DZIBAN 12CAN21 13CAN48 Constellation Draco +72.09'
EDASICH 03LIB31 04LIB57 Constellation Draco +58.58'
ETAMIN 26SAG35 27SAG58 Constellation Draco +51.29'
GIANSAR 08LEO55 10LEO20 Constellation Draco +69.20'
GRUMIUM 23SAG21 24SAG45 Constellation Draco +56.52'
KUMA 08SAG54 10SAG20 Constellation Draco +55.11'
NODUS I 01LIB51 03LIB23 Constellation Draco +65.43'
THUBAN 06VIR02 07VIR27 Constellation Draco +64.23'


ALDEBARAN 08GEM23 09GEM47 General Taurus +16.31'
ASELLUS AUSTRAL 07LEO19 08LEO43 Sun Cancer +18.09'
ASELLUS BOREALI 06LEO09 07LEO32 Sun Cancer +21.28'
BATEN KAITOS 20ARI33 21ARI57 General Cetus -10.20'
GIEDI PRIMA 18CAN51 20CAN14 Sun Gemini +31.53'
FORAMEN 20LIB47 22LIB09 Sun Carina -59.40'
POLLUX 21CAN50 23CAN13 Sun Gemini +28.01'
PRAESAEPE 05LEO57 07LEO20 Sun Cancer +19.41'
SCHEAT 27PIS59 29PIS22 General Pegasus +28.04'