Fixed star:  SADALMELIK
Constellation:  Alpha (α) Aquarius
Longitude 1900:  02PIS22 Longitude 2000:  03PIS46
Declination 1900:  +00.19′ Declination 2000:  +00.47′
Right ascension:  22h 05m Latitude:  +11.43′
Spectral class:  G1 Magnitude:  3.2

The history of the star: Sadalmelik

from p.51 of Star Names, Richard Hinckley Allen, 1889.
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SadalmelikAlpha (α) Aquarius, Sadalmelik, is a third magnitude pale yellow star on the right shoulder of the Water-pourer, 1° south of the celestial equator.

Sadalmelik is from the Arabic Al Sa’d al Malik, the Lucky One of the King, sometimes given as Al Sa’d al Mulk, the Lucky One of the Kingdom, under which last title the 13th century Persian astronomical writer Al Kazwini and the 15th century Tartar astronomer Ulug Beg combined it with omicron (ο). It similarly was Sidus Faustum Regis with the astrologers. Burritt’s Atlas of 1856 called it El Melik and Phard, but this last seems unintelligible.

With epsilon (ε, Enif) and theta PegasusBiham) it made up the 23d sieu (Chinese Moon Mansion) Goei, or Wei, Steep, or Danger, anciently Gui; but Brown says that the word signifies Foundation, alpha (α Sadalmelik) was the determinant star of this lunar station.

Star Names, Their Lore and Meaning, Richard Hinckley Allen, 1889].






The Lunar Mansions

Robson includes this star in the 23rd manzil, or Arabic Lunar Mansion Al Sa’d al Ahbiyah, The Lucky Star of Hidden Things or Hiding Places. The mansion included; alpha (α, this star Sadalmelik), gamma (γ Sadalbachia), zeta (ζ), eta ( η) and pi ( π), Aquarius

Influences of the 23rd Arabic Moon Mansion Al Sa’d al Ahbiyah: Favorable for besieging and revenge, destroys enemies, causes divorce, helps prisons and buildings, hastens messengers, hinders childbirth and hinders the action of the body.

With Moon transiting here: unfortunate for everything except taking medicine.

Robson P.74.]

The astrological influences of the constellation Aquarius

Legend: Aquarius is said to represent Ganymedes, son of Callirhoe, the most beautiful of mortals, who was carried to heaven by an eagle to act as cupbearer to Jupiter. According to other accounts, however, it is Deucalion, son of Prometheus, who was translated to heaven in memory of the mighty deluge from which only he and Pyrrha were saved. [Robson, p.28.]

Influences: Ptolemy makes the following observations: “The stars in the shoulders of Aquarius operate like Saturn and Mercury; those in the left hand and in the face do the same: those in the thighs have an influence more consonant with that of Mercury, and in a less degree with that of Saturn: those in the stream of water have power similar to that of Saturn, and moderately to that of Jupiter.” By the Kabalists Aquarius is associated with the Hebrew letter Nun and the 14th Tarot Trump “Temperance,” over which virtue the constellation appears to have some rule. The beauty of Ganymedes and his flight through the air also link it to the ideas of personal charm and aviation with which it is certainly connected. [Robson, p.28-29.]

The astrological influences of the constellation Aquarius given by Manilius:

“The youthful Waterman, who from upturned pot pours forth his stream, likewise bestows skills which have affinity with himself: how to divine springs under the ground and conduct them above, to transform the flow of water so as to spray the very stars, to mock the sea with man-made shores at the bidding of luxury, to construct different types of artificial lakes and rivers,” and to support aloft for domestic use streams that come from afar. Beneath this sign there dwell a thousand crafts regulated by water. Why, water will even set in motion the face of heaven and the starry habitations, and will cause the skies to move in a novel rotation. Never will the sons of Aquarius grow tired of the works which come in the wake of water and follow springs. They who issue from this sign are a gentle sort and a lovable breed, and no meanness of heart is theirs: they are prone to suffer losses: and of riches they have neither need nor surfeit. Even thus doth the urn’s stream flow” [Astronomica, Manilius, 1st century AD, book 4, p.243.]

The astrological influences of the star Sadalmelik

According to Ptolemy it is of the nature of Saturn and Mercury; to Simmonite, of Saturn and Jupiter; and to Alvidas of Jupiter and Uranus in sextile to the Sun from Pisces and Taurus. It causes persecution, lawsuits, extreme and sudden destruction and the death penalty. [Robson, p.200.]

With Sun: Occult interests, prominence in occultism, gain through companies. [Robson, p.201.]

With Moon: Prominence in occult matters, success in large companies, favorable for gain. If at the same time a malefic be with Algol, death by royal command either by hanging or by decapitation. [Robson, p.201.]

With Mercury: Occult interests and research, criticized, favorable for friendship, success in large companies, loss through servants. [Robson, p.201.]

With Venus: Favorable for occult investigation, gain through friends. [Robson, p.201.]

With Mars: Fame through discoveries in science or inventions, benefits do not last. [Robson, p.201.]

With Jupiter: Ecclesiastical success, occult interests, criticized, trouble through enemies, loss through lawsuits. [Robson, p.201.]

With Saturn: Original, inventive, psychic, careful, cautious, practical, good judgment, difficulty in putting ideas or inventions into practice, gain through companies, speculation and matters of an earthy nature, chronic illness to wife or children, favorable for gain, long life. [Robson, p.201.]

With Uranus: High ideals, philosophical, scientific, good mind, psychic, inventive, successful, gain through business or under Government, influential and learned friends, does much good in purifying creeds and philosophies, sudden but natural death. [Robson, p.201.]

With Neptune: Psychic, prominence in occult matters, kind, sympathetic, generous, friends among clergy and lawyers, favorable for gain through companies, banks or stocks, domestic harmony but sickness to wife or children entailing the breaking up of home, minor accidents, long life. [Robson, p.201.]


Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923].