The Origins of Man and the Universe: The Myth That Came to Life

Excerpts from the book

The Origins of Man and the Universe

The Myth That Came to Life

by Barry Long

Chapter 17 of the book explains the nature of myth and our place in the Draconic Transverse, and relates to the constellation Draco.

Barry Long was born in Australia in 1926 and in the last decade became recognized as one of the leading spiritual teachers in the West. He taught publicly in Australia and Europe and is the author of many books on the spiritual life including ‘The Origins of Man and the Universe’. This cosmic masterwork accounts for life, death and the whole of existence in a grand mythic design and opens our awareness to the possibility of our own enlightenment and our place in the evolution of consciousness. Barry succumbed to cancer December 2003. His books and tapes are available on this webpage;

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The Draconic Transverse – Yang and Yin

Chapter 17of the The Origins of Man and the Universe

The solar system is part of the myth of the northern constellation, Draco, the dragon or serpent. In ancient mythology the constellation is associated with death and salvation: the serpent is said to swallow up all souls that at death have not attained to gnosis (real knowledge) and to return them through its tail back to the world where they once again start a new life of struggle towards the gnosis which finally saves them from recurrence. That is just about as far as the ancient accounts of Draco take us. The whole myth, if it has ever been told, has not been recorded in the detailed context and significance I am going to reveal now.

First let me explain the character of myth. It is impossible to describe spirit as spirit, for spirit must communicate itself direct to the individual. But as myth, it can be done approximately. Myth is the only means at our disposal to describe the reality behind human existence. It is the language, the handwriting, of the spirit, conveying the significance of things perceived, the otherwise untellable truth behind the fragmented physical appearance of things. So in reading what follows it is necessary to ‘look through’ the actual appearance of the part of the heavens I will be describing and to try to relate to the supporting structure of myth or truth behind it. This is what the ancients managed to do. They did not invent the myths. The myth, or truth, was already there, as it is at this moment. It would be completely wrong to regard the Draconic myth as imaginative fiction. This myth – which necessarily will be seen to touch upon myths of all ages, in all places – is nearer to the whole truth, the truth, than any statement that can be made from sense-perceived experience.

The solar system is part of the myth I call the Draconic Transverse. As every myth must have its physical symbol, its appearance in the world, the Draconic Transverse is represented by a gigantic sphere in space thousands of cubic light years in volume with the constellation Draco at its north pole. The physical extent of the Draconic Transverse is so enormous that its main stars as seen from the earth are regarded as fixed – never-moving.

As far as the tiny earth within it is concerned, the Draconic Transverse represents our field of reality, the world of myth. We can only observe and know the rest of the universe through it. The rest of the universe can have little reality for us until we at least have begun to understand the Draconic mystery or truth which, as I shall show, is so intimate to our earthly existence. The Draconic Transverse determines how we exist, evolve, perceive, live and die to exist again. At this stage of evolution we cannot go beyond it in any way whatever except as it, our reality, permits.

Yang and Yin:

Draco is indeed a dragon or serpent. Its head is Yang and its tail is Yin. The profound cosmic principle of Yang and Yin is the mythical bridge between outer and inner. Yang is behind the apparent external created by our looking out consciously into the unconscious streaming down on to the surface of the earth; Yin is behind the unconscious within. Together, they represent the extent of the unconscious reality, which can only be sensed through myth. Myth alone transcends all conscious parameters.

Yang, the serpent’s head, is ‘all eyes” – a huge platform of celestial perception. From this vantage point in deepest space a score of light years beyond the solar system, the Yang principle of Draco presides over time and events which on earth are represented by life and death – the dynamic behind terrestrial evolution. From the earth’s viewpoint, Draco’s tail – Yin – ends deep in the unconscious of the human mind, beyond the psyche, within the mind of the earth, the mind of the one earth spirit. Between the head in space and the tail within is the serpent’s body. This is man and all the species both living and dead.

Yang is responsible for the earth’s evolution as an intrinsic part of the whole evolving universe. From its towering Draco position it surveys the universe and keeps Yin informed. Yin is responsible for seeing that the correlating evolutionary changes occur within the terrestrial mind. For humanity (as distinct from other life-forms which may inhabit other planets or star systems within the Draconic Transverse) Yang surveys the universe relevant to sense perception. Also, seeing far beyond sense-perceptive evolution and to galactic factors that even our creator Sun is unable to perceive, Yang conveys to Yin the state of the galaxy as it affects the terrestrial mind in considerably more profound ways than we can ever be aware of.

The character of Yang and Yin is will. Yang as Draco’s head is the will in the universe; Yin as the tail is the will in terrestrial mind. However, Yang and Yin are not just a closed-circuit Draco to earth polarity. The Yang/Yin earth connection is only one of many comparable meridians linking numerous suns and their orbital matter to form a gigantic cosmic spiritual field – the Draconic Transverse. Within this vast evolutionary system the outer must be kept in unison and harmony with the inner. Neither must get ahead, nor behind. Yang and Yin are the principle – the will in matter and mind – ensuring this.

Yin in terrestrial mind contains all possibilities behind appearances, all that can ever exist in the present and future – all waiting for the moment, the exact time to manifest in consciousness at Yin’s behest precisely to Yang’s perfect timing. For Yang is master of timing in sensory appearance. Yin, deep in the terrestrial mind, is beyond time; it is the principle of abstract knowledge attuned to the original spiritual idea of the earth. Yang determines the time at which any aspect of that idea within Yin’s knowledge is released to rise and eventually make its first appearance in the human psyche as differentiated ideas and finally as the objects of the earth around us.

Real Energy

Yang is a principle, not a function. Although it is the positive principle behind the idea of action, it does not act. Yin, the negative principle, is all-knowledge of the earth-idea and in lacking the need to know any more, it too is powerless to act. The action connecting Yang and Yin is provided by a cosmic power called Real Energy. Real Energy is not energy as we think we know or understand it. This is because it operates outside our sense-perceptive time-frame. Real Energy is time-less, instantaneous and manages to perform what is impossible in our physical time gradient; action-without-reaction, action-without-consideration, action- without-pause – instantaneous flow or being. Real Energy is the power which keeps life on earth moving and therefore evolving. Without it life on earth would be static, stationary, impossible.

Real Energy keeps life on earth moving and evolving in the following way. Passing from Yang to Yin in the terrestrial mind it picks up the knowledge of the earth-idea at Level Seven. It descends down through the other levels to sense-perceptive existence to Level One. The energy is thus the conveyor of the knowledge of the earth-idea to the senses and the catalyst of action at the sensory level. The result is the natural world we see around us. It is the combination of the timeless Real Energy and its power of action in expressing the earth-idea through sense that creates being. There has to be being to perceive existence. Without being there is no existence. And the being perceiving it all is the being/person reading these words.

Real Energy acts without creating reaction whereas in our physical world all action produces reaction. Energy expended here is equal to the resistance opposing it, so no real work is ever done. By using force as energy man imagines he creates and destroys while really he creates and destroys nothing. From the exploding of a hydrogen bomb to the tapping of a keyboard, the effects of our efforts are purely formal or cosmetic. Nothing permanent is accomplished apart from the continuation of the human race and the world as an historical whole up to this moment. In out sense-perceptive world of cause and effect, life or knowledge loses its instantaneity and becomes historicity or the past. Because Real Energy is timeless there is no interval in it. But time as we know it consist of interval: everything takes time. Even the movement of the second hand on a clock takes time. And so we live in the past.

What we call energy and use or see acting on earth as heat, sunlight, electricity and nuclear power is reactivated energy, second-hand energy. It works as force and there is no being, no life, in force. This reactivated energy has had 99.9 per cent of the original knowledge extracted from it. In fact a definition of force is ‘energy devoid of knowledge’; for force can only convey information. And knowledge is not information.

At this stage in our evolution it is difficult to comprehend that the main quality of Real Energy is knowledge, because we operate on information. Although we say we have a knowledge of something, we really mean we have experience (information about past activity) or information about something to hand or in our memory. There is no knowledge in this existence.

Knowledge is distinguishable by the fact that it involves no time. Information on the other hand, always takes time. It takes time for us to receive information, to consider or think about it, speak or write it. We are informationally bound. Without it we know nothing – until we evolve to having knowledge.

To have knowledge is also to know nothing, with a great difference. Knowledge, being Real Energy is timeless. The intervals required for consideration and transmission are absent. This means that the knowledge being received from Yang is already “known” by Yin within. The ‘transmission’ is absolutely immediate. And because the profound knowledge of the cosmic power works for the good of the entire universe, as well as the earth, the knowledge is always “All is good”‘ or ‘All is right’.

In human consciousness such knowledge eliminates the normal anxieties which can be aroused by information as bad news. The good news in information is only temporary because other information, probably contradicting the good news, is on the way. This is a world of conflicting information, conflicting good and bad news. This phenomenon is typically human and unknown in the rest of the universe where, whatever happens, there is timeless knowledge. All is ‘for the good of the whole’.

Cosmic participation

The objective of evolution can be said to rid the world of subjective considerations, which means ridding ourselves of self. When I say that Real Energy and knowledge are ‘objective’ I mean totally objective, that is to say the subjective (what we regard time and ourselves) is utterly eliminated from the perception. The result is being, now.

Evolution on this planet, being controlled by the Real Energy acting between Yang and Yin, is universally inspired and is not the isolated phenomenon we tend to think it is. Evolution is a cosmic movement towards cosmic consciousness, towards man’s conscious participation in the universe. To participate we must have something real and of value to contribute. In evolutionary terms, our contribution to the whole can be gauged by the condition of our world in relation to the harmony, justice and well-being of mankind. Our appalling lack of consciousness in these respects will be known to any developed cosmic intelligences in the immediate universe. And any that are undeveloped cannot know about us any more than we know about them. So our apparent isolation will continue until we have something better to give than our curiosity and selfishness – until we are bent on space-travel not for what we can get out of it, but for what we can give.
It is not the evolution on life on earth that is the point, but the evolution of our planet as a cosmic organism, together with the other planets of the solar system and all other cosmic bodies and stars within the Draconic evolutionary system. This earth-life that goes on and on yet seems to end perfunctorily and witlessly in death for the individual, is not your life or my life, but the life of the planet earth evolving towards a greater consciousness. Both in living and life after death we all combine like cells to form one single evolving terrestrial being within the universal reality. Through the Yang-Yin Real Energy connections of the Draconic system, our sun, the earth, the planets and other stars and cosmic bodies contained in it communicate with and inform each other, exchanging and integrating their continuously changing evolutionary tones or states.

We have nothing to contribute to cosmic evolution except our death. Man, together with all the species, lives, dies, and recurs in the one-way incoming energy system of the Draconic Transverse where the energy system of the Draconic Transverse where the energy that is continuously being received into the three planes of human existence forms man’s individual body, nature, character, emotional and mental responses, circumstances and world. But no Real Energy whatever goes out from him into the cosmos until he dies. This energy, the value of his life just lived, becomes a part of cosmic evolution by passing through the death band into Level Four, There, Yin – Draco’s tail within the terrestrial mind – absorbs the information and passes it into the full Draconic system of Yin and Yang which unifies inner and outer existence. At our present level of development only life and death – the Draconic syndrome – produces real or cosmic spiritual energy.

The species as a whole, and man in particular, are the chemical agency of the earth for receiving and converting the cosmic energy to the frequency of terrestrial mind. Man’s life is ingestion, his living experience conversion, and his death process distillation. He converts the energy to his unique individual frequency by the pleasure/pain of his life experience; and on death, this passes into the Draconic system.


As the real value of a man’s past life passes out of terrestrial mind via the Yin/Yang Draconic connection, it disperses and manifests throughout the entire universe. Because the man has always been a part of the universe his energy pervades even the most distant nebulae and is in every energetic expression originating anywhere in the universe. Every cosmic influence received on earth has to have his number on it.

For these cosmic influences to be received on earth they first have to be converted to our particular terrestrial frequency. This is performed by the sun’s radiation. Acting like a massive broom or an electro-magnetic brush ceaselessly sweeping the vast area prescribed by the orbiting planets, it picks up the influences from these planets as well as from outer cosmic sources entering the solar system. These it monitors, down-grading and up-grading them to the suitable frequency for life on earth. The information is transmitted in photons or light particles to the mind through the eyes and other tissues.

This process is the basis of astrology – man’s most successful attempt so far to formulate the mythic principle behind the Draconic evolutionary system. But it must be understood that astrology is only a partial approximation of the truth. Due to psychic distortion in the human mind and insufficiently perceived data, it falls short in its application to specific phenomena.

The new life a man makes for himself in the death world passes as Real Energy through Yin into Yang to be added to Man diffused throughout the universe. Showering down onto the earth from the rest of the cosmos, the new life is absorbed by his mother-to-be through sunlight as well as through the food she eats and the air she breathes. These influences – released as time by Yang – are the external factor that at the right moment will trigger the man’s conception and birth, just as eventually they will trigger his death. At the precise moment of his birth (or conception) the entire universe, and more specifically the Sun and planets, will be in certain positions relative to the earth. Together these configurations – correlating to the place, year, month, day and time the man is born – will present the nature of his self-made future in the language of universal symbolism. If the positions of the cosmic bodies (Yang) can be mapped and the symbols correctly interpreted (Yin) for the moment of his birth (the earnest endeavor of astrologers down through the ages), the result will indicate not only his self-made nature or future but also the cosmic assistance and resistance he will encounter in endeavoring to realize the full potential of his new life. Furthermore, the subsequent positions of the cosmic bodies will show the events affecting the man’s life at any particular time.

Man’s sense of time

Man is a composite of three notions of time on which the cosmic forces act – the future, the past and the present. A man’s future is what he constructs after death out of his power to love. This is his real future – not his imagined or projected future or his bid to escape from death. Because it is real it has no interval, no sequence, and therefore cannot be conceptualized or thought about. This future consists of two aspects. As Yin it is the abstract outline of his next life left in the Yellow Plane at level three. As Yang it is represented by the sun and other cosmic bodies that trigger the new life experience. The man’s self-made future will be the broad outline that his life will follow and, as his inner Yin, it will assert itself as his feeling of free will. But in fact it can never be lived as he intended or designed it. He will always yearn inwardly for something that never eventuates to his satisfaction. This is because the future he made for himself will be modified from its inception by external cosmic influences which represent the evolutionary contribution of the rest of the immediate universe to his life. As he affected the universe so it now effects him.

A man’s past also has two aspects, the Yin and the Yang. In its Yin aspect the past is in man’s mind. This past is a chemical self that originates in the Red Plane and forms an emotional body around the abstract outline of the man’s future. This body is the material man whose involuntary self-centered motivation is to survive and reproduce itself as an emotional and organic vehicle for perpetuating the species. It is this ‘old’ man in the man, which will often confuse him in his new life by seeming to work against this self-made future. The Yang aspect of man’s past is represented by an external cosmic body – the moon. Acting on the fluids of the body the moon’s influence strengthens the man’s emotional identification with the past of fixed perceptions, memory impressions and family, social, national, religious and cultural traditions.

The interplay in man’s consciousness between his future and past creates his awareness of the present. This is where beauty and the beast, the agony and the ecstasy often seem to share the same moment in time within him. In the mind, the present is a swiftly oscillating point between the Red Plane and the Yellow. This point varies in everyone; the less evolved man living in the emotional, material now and the more evolved man living more in the moment. However, in every man’s life this awareness of the present – acting sometimes as one aspect and sometimes as the other – will very often seem to be working against both future and his past.

Remember that in most people for most of the time the Yellow Plane is almost constantly being invaded by insurgent Red Plane self and consequently the intellect in most people is colored by emotional interference. While a man is performing work on earth or being as objective as possible (dealing only in facts) the power of his intellect is relatively clear. But the moment he thinks about the past or acts from his emotional attachments (which are as numerous as his thoughts about the past) the Yellow plane is invaded and he is once again subjective and unreliable. For humanity every thought and consideration is in the past; most of the time is spent thinking or talking about the past and to a lesser degree about an imaginary future. Very little of the world is ever perceived as it is in the present moment; it is seen through the screen of past impressions and opinions, likes and dislikes, regurgitated feelings and false sentiments.

The influence of the Sun and the Moon

For the most part people live out of the past in the world of the senses. Invasion of the intellect by the self is felt in its most noticeable form (if felt at all) as changes of mood (Yin) manifesting as changes in behavior (Yang). But more widely, behavioral changes represent cosmic and planetary influences transmitted by the sun (Yang) acting on the emotional self (Yin) via the brain and glands. As the sun, symbolizing enlightenment, actually illuminates the moon, symbolizing resistance and attachment to the past, so it forces changes on the sentimental and emotional self. As the moon’s influence holds the man back by making him resist change within himself, the sun’s influence goads him on to dare to dare and fulfil his potential. The moon makes him seek the safety of the herd, or the comfort of the womb, while the sun tries to tip him out into the world to live creatively, originally and individually in line with the life he scripted for himself. And gradually, through the traumas of living, man’s lunar attachment to his emotional organism is broken and converted into solar love – cosmic consciousness.

End of Chapter 17of the The Origins of Man and the Universe

(c) Barry Long     

Website author’s note: I put the question to Barry Long “(according to the above excerpts), Draco seems to have great influence on our destiny, where do the other constellations fit in?”

He passed on this reply: “Our immediate and significant constellation is Draco – life and death. The presence of every other constellation is seen through Draco. This means any interpretation of other constellations will be influenced or distorted by our Draconic life/existence and will not be true to the meaning of that constellation. At best it will be speculative”.  [Permission granted for this comment.]

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