Fixed Star Long. 1900 Long. 2000 Planet contact Constellation Decl. 2000

Aquarian age

PHACT 20GEM46 22GEM10 General Columba -34.04'

"Exhalation of Piled-up Corpses" Chinese belief

PRAESAEPE 05LEO57 07LEO20 General Cancer +19.41'

Was the Euphratean Nitachbat "Man of Death" and said to have an evil influence

YED POSTERIOR 02SAG07 03SAG31 General Ophiuchus -04.41'

"Star of mighty destiny"

SADALSUUD 22AQU00 23AQU24 General Aquarius -05.34'

Always an eagle, never a Scorpiusn

ACRUX 10SCO19 11SCO52 Jupiter Crux -63.06'

Changes evil to good

CANOPUS 13CAN35 14CAN58 General Carina -52.42'

Star of evil influence

YED PRIOR 00SAG54 02SAG18 General Ophiuchus -03.41'

Said to be the most unfortunate, violent, dangerous and evil star in the heavens

ALGOL 24TAU46 26TAU10 General Perseus +40.57'

"The place of good fortune", constellation Aquarius

ALBALI 10AQU20 11AQU43 Constellation Aquarius -09.30'
ANCHA 01PIS52 03PIS16 Constellation Aquarius -07.47'
SADALACHBIA 05PIS19 06PIS43 Constellation Aquarius -01.23'
GIEDI PRIMA 02PIS22 03PIS46 Constellation Aquarius +00.47'
SADALSUUD 22AQU00 23AQU24 Constellation Aquarius -05.34'
SITULA 08PIS01 09PIS25 Constellation Aquarius -04.14'
SKAT 07PIS29 08PIS52 Constellation Aquarius -15.49'

This star (the Pole Star) serves as a guide and indicator and gives a good sense of discretion and ability to follow his instinct, recognizes his aims, and will pursue and achieve them

POLARIS 27GEM10 28GEM34 General Ursa Minor +89.15'

"Lucky Star of Hidden Things". In horary it indicates the ability to discover that which is hidden or lost especially when the star is emerging from the Sun's rays (i.e. helical rising)

SADALACHBIA 05PIS19 06PIS43 General Aquarius -01.23'

Associated with the Goddess Istar

KAUS AUSTRALIS 03CAP41 05CAP05 General Sagittarius -34.23'

Said to be prominent in the charts of Mohammed and Moses, the Arabs considered this star as the most fortunate of their lunar stations

SYRMA 02SCO24 03SCO48 General Virgo -05.59'

Bringer of good tidings

NASHIRA 20AQU23 21AQU47 General Capricornus -16.40'

Bringers of good news

PHACT 20GEM46 22GEM10 Constellation Columba -34.04'
WAZN 25GEM01 26GEM25 Constellation Columba -35.46'

The Dolphin is the sky emblem of philanthropy

ROTANEV 14AQU57 16AQU20 Constellation Delphinus +14.35'
SUALOCIN 15AQU59 17AQU23 Constellation Delphinus +15.54'

Was called the "Star of the Proclamation of the Sea" in the Euphratean "Tablet of Thirty Stars"

NUNKI 10CAP59 12CAP23 General Sagittarius -26.17'


TEJAT POSTERIOR 03CAN54 05CAN18 General Gemini +22.30'

Purifies to salvation

LABRUM 25VIR18 26VIR41 General Crater -14.46'

Safety in a deluge

SKAT 07PIS29 08PIS52 General Aquarius -15.49'