Fixed Star Long. 1900 Long. 2000 Planet contact Constellation Decl. 2000

Hatred of authority

UNUKALHAI 20SCO40 22SCO05 Moon Serpens +06.26'

Dignity and authority by the help of an old clergyman or influential person

DENEB ALGEDI 22AQU08 23AQU33 Culminating Capricornus -16.08'

Quarrels with employers

PROCYON 24CAN24 25CAN47 Moon Canis Minor +05.13'

Favors from superiors

ALTAIR 00AQU22 01AQU47 Sun Aquila +08.52'

Favor of the great

REGULUS 28LEO26 29LEO50 Rising Leo +11.58'

Kingly preferment

PROCYON 24CAN24 25CAN47 Sun Canis Minor +05.13'
SIRIUS 12CAN42 14CAN05 Sun Canis Major -16.42'

Better servant than master

FOMALHAUT 02PIS27 03PIS52 Mercury Pisces Australis -29.38'

Favor of superiors

EL NATH 21GEM11 22GEM35 Mercury Taurus +28.36'

Trouble with superiors

VEGA 13CAP55 15CAP19 Saturn Lyra +38.47'