Fixed Star Long. 1900 Long. 2000 Planet contact Constellation Decl. 2000

Abnormal religious enthusiasm

PORRIMA 08LIB46 10LIB08 Neptune Virgo -01.26'

Associated with the church

PROCYON 24CAN24 25CAN47 Venus Canis Minor +05.13'
SIRIUS 12CAN42 14CAN05 Mercury Canis Major -16.42'

Church authority

AGENA 22SCO24 23SCO48 Jupiter Centaurus -60.22'

Benefits through ecclesiastical matters

ALPHECCA 10SCO53 12SCO18 Jupiter Corona Borealis +26.43'

Associated with religion for business purposes

CANOPUS 13CAN35 14CAN58 Jupiter Carina -52.42'
REGULUS 28LEO26 29LEO50 Uranus Leo +11.58'

Careless or broad in religion

ASELLUS BOREALI 06LEO09 07LEO32 Uranus Cancer +21.28'

Public censure in connection with religion, science or philosophy

RAS ALHAGUE 21SAG03 22SAG27 Mars Ophiuchus +12.33'


ALSHAIN 01AQU02 02AQU25 Constellation Aquila +06.24'
ALTAIR 00AQU22 01AQU47 Constellation Aquila +08.52'
DENEB OKAB 22CAP14 23CAP38 Constellation Aquila +03.06'
DHENEB 18CAP24 19CAP48 Constellation Aquila +13.51'
TARAZED 29CAP33 00AQU56 Constellation Aquila +10.36'

Clergy or associated with church

SABIK 16SAG34 17SAG58 Uranus Ophiuchus -15.43'

Peculiar experiences with the realms of the dead

ASELLUS AUSTRAL 07LEO19 08LEO43 Moon Cancer +18.09'
ASELLUS BOREALI 06LEO09 07LEO32 Moon Cancer +21.28'
PRAESAEPE 05LEO57 07LEO20 Moon Cancer +19.41'

Ecclesiastical difficulties

ACRAB 01SAG48 03SAG11 Sun Scorpius -19.48'

On the material plane, nearly always unhelpful, though if the native is able to conceive it in the spiritual sphere, the Sat-Nep combination (?) may give enlightenment

ALFARD 25LEO53 27LEO17 General Hydra -08.40'

Esoteric studies

ETAMIN 26SAG35 27SAG58 General Draco +51.29'

Religious fanaticism

HOEDUS I 17GEM14 18GEM38 Setting Auriga +41.04'
HOEDUS II 18GEM03 19GEM27 Setting Auriga +41.13'

Favor of clergy and people in authority

SPICA 22LIB27 23LIB50 Mercury Virgo -11.08'

Favorable for religious matters

ALDEBARAN 08GEM23 09GEM47 Moon Taurus +16.31'

Favor from dignitaries or the church

FOMALHAUT 02PIS27 03PIS52 General Pisces Australis -29.38'


METALLAH 05TAU28 06TAU52 Constellation Triangulum +29.34'

Prominent in Freemasonry

SKAT 07PIS29 08PIS52 Jupiter Aquarius -15.49'

Friends among clergy, success in church or law

REGULUS 28LEO26 29LEO50 Saturn Leo +11.58'

Dignity and authority

CANOPUS 13CAN35 14CAN58 Culminating Carina -52.42'

Occult studies and the gift of successful investigation into the hidden side of things

MIMOSA 10SCO16 11SCO39 General Crux -59.40'

Honor in the Church

FOMALHAUT 02PIS27 03PIS52 Jupiter Pisces Australis -29.38'

Ecclesiastical honor

ALDEBARAN 08GEM23 09GEM47 Jupiter Taurus +16.31'

Hypocritical in religion

VINDEMIATRIX 08LIB33 09LIB56 Saturn Virgo +10.58'

Religious but hypocritical

ACRAB 01SAG48 03SAG11 Saturn Scorpius -19.48'


ALNILAM 22GEM04 23GEM28 Constellation Orion -01.12'
ALNITAK 23GEM17 24GEM41 Constellation Orion -01.57'
BELLATRIX 19GEM33 20GEM57 Constellation Orion +06.21'
BETELGEUSE 27GEM21 28GEM45 Constellation Orion +07.24'
ENSIS 21GEM35 22GEM59 Constellation Orion -05.23'
HATSYA 21GEM36 23GEM00 Constellation Orion -05.54'
MEISSA (Heka) 22GEM19 23GEM42 Constellation Orion +09.55'
MINTAKA 21GEM00 22GEM24 Constellation Orion +00.21'
RIGEL 15GEM26 16GEM50 Constellation Orion -08.12'
SAIPH 25GEM00 26GEM24 Constellation Orion -09.40'
TABIT 10GEM31 11GEM55 Constellation Orion +06.57'

Besides the lower influences, there are supposedly higher influences, "though only very few people are able to attune themselves to these influences"

RAS ALHAGUE 21SAG03 22SAG27 General Ophiuchus +12.33'

Occult interests but material aims

EL NATH 21GEM11 22GEM35 Uranus Taurus +28.36'


ALNILAM 22GEM04 23GEM28 General Orion -01.12'
ALNITAK 23GEM17 24GEM41 General Orion -01.57'
MINTAKA 21GEM00 22GEM24 General Orion +00.21'

Credited with properties such as conveying higher spiritual gifts of the Logos to those men who are able to conceive them

RAS ELASED AUST 19LEO18 20LEO42 General Leo +23.46'
RAS ELASED BORE 20LEO02 21LEO26 General Leo +26.00'

Loss through church

DENEB ALGEDI 22AQU08 23AQU33 Jupiter Capricornus -16.08'

Religious beneficence, ceremonial, magic and mystery

ACRUX 10SCO19 11SCO52 General Crux -63.06'


ALDEBARAN 08GEM23 09GEM47 Neptune Taurus +16.31'
ALHENA 07CAN42 09CAN06 Neptune Gemini +16.24'
HAMAL 06TAU16 07TAU40 Uranus Aries +23.27'
PHACT 20GEM46 22GEM10 General Columba -34.04'
PROCYON 24CAN24 25CAN47 Neptune Canis Minor +05.13'
SADALSUUD 22AQU00 23AQU24 Neptune Aquarius -05.34'
SPICA 22LIB27 23LIB50 Uranus Virgo -11.08'

Minister or speaker on religious and philosophical subjects not limited to any definite creed

PROCYON 24CAN24 25CAN47 Uranus Canis Minor +05.13'

Occult or religious mind

SKAT 07PIS29 08PIS52 Jupiter Aquarius -15.49'

Mystical interests

ALGENIB 07ARI46 09ARI09 Uranus Pegasus +15.11'
BETELGEUSE 27GEM21 28GEM45 Sun Orion +07.24'
MENKAR 12TAU55 14TAU19 Uranus Cetus +04.04'
PRIMA HYADUM 04GEM24 05GEM48 Uranus Taurus +15.37'

Mystic, trouble through occultism

ALTAIR 00AQU22 01AQU47 Neptune Aquila +08.52'

Occult interests

AGENA 22SCO24 23SCO48 Saturn Centaurus -60.22'
ALCYONE 28TAU36 00GEM00 Uranus Taurus +24.06'
ALDEBARAN 08GEM23 09GEM47 Uranus Taurus +16.31'
ALKALUROPS 01SCO47 03SCO11 Constellation Bootes +37.23'
ARCTURUS 22LIB50 24LIB14 Constellation Bootes +19.11'
ASELLUS BOREALI 06LEO09 07LEO32 Neptune Cancer +21.28'
ASTEROPE 28TAU21 29TAU44 Uranus Taurus +24.33'
CANOPUS 13CAN35 14CAN58 Saturn Carina -52.42'
GIEDI PRIMA 18CAN51 20CAN14 Neptune Gemini +31.53'
CEGINUS 03SCO41 05SCO06 Constellation Bootes +40.21'
CELAENO 28TAU02 29TAU26 Uranus Taurus +24.17'
EL NATH 21GEM11 22GEM35 Neptune Taurus +28.36'
ELECTRA 28TAU01 29TAU25 Uranus Taurus +24.06'
FOMALHAUT 02PIS27 03PIS52 Neptune Pisces Australis -29.38'
HAMAL 06TAU16 07TAU40 Neptune Aries +23.27'
IZAR 26LIB42 28LIB06 Constellation Bootes +27.05'
MAIA 28TAU17 29TAU41 Uranus Taurus +24.21'
MERGA 14LIB01 15LIB27 Constellation Bootes +46.07'
MEROPE 28TAU18 29TAU42 Uranus Taurus +23.56'
MIRACH 29ARI01 00TAU24 Uranus Andromeda +35.36'
MUFRID 17LIB56 19LIB20 Constellation Bootes +18.24'
NEKKAR 22LIB50 24LIB15 Constellation Bootes +40.23'
NUNKI 10CAP59 12CAP23 Neptune Sagittarius -26.17'
PRINCEPS 01SCO45 03SCO09 Constellation Bootes +33.19'
PROCYON 24CAN24 25CAN47 Mercury Canis Minor +05.13'
PROCYON 24CAN24 25CAN47 Moon Canis Minor +05.13'
RAS ALHAGUE 21SAG03 22SAG27 Uranus Ophiuchus +12.33'
REGULUS 28LEO26 29LEO50 Moon Leo +11.58'
RIGEL 15GEM26 16GEM50 Neptune Orion -08.12'
GIEDI PRIMA 02PIS22 03PIS46 Jupiter Aquarius +00.47'
SADALSUUD 22AQU00 23AQU24 Sun Aquarius -05.34'
SADALSUUD 22AQU00 23AQU24 Uranus Aquarius -05.34'
SEGINUS 16LIB16 17LIB40 Constellation Bootes +38.19'
SIRIUS 12CAN42 14CAN05 Neptune Canis Major -16.42'
SKAT 07PIS29 08PIS52 Mercury Aquarius -15.49'
SKAT 07PIS29 08PIS52 Venus Aquarius -15.49'
SPICA 22LIB27 23LIB50 Saturn Virgo -11.08'
TAYGETA 28TAU10 29TAU34 Uranus Taurus +24.27'

Prominence in occult matters

GIEDI PRIMA 18CAN51 20CAN14 Sun Gemini +31.53'
GIEDI PRIMA 02PIS22 03PIS46 Moon Aquarius +00.47'
GIEDI PRIMA 02PIS22 03PIS46 Neptune Aquarius +00.47'
GIEDI PRIMA 02PIS22 03PIS46 Sun Aquarius +00.47'

Reputation through occult matters

SADALSUUD 22AQU00 23AQU24 Moon Aquarius -05.34'

Occult, religious or scientific work, but largely misleading

RAS ALHAGUE 21SAG03 22SAG27 Neptune Ophiuchus +12.33'

Difficulty through occult matters

AL HECKA 23GEM23 24GEM47 Uranus Taurus +21.09'
SADALSUUD 22AQU00 23AQU24 Mars Aquarius -05.34'

Occult or unpractical interests

BELLATRIX 19GEM33 20GEM57 Uranus Orion +06.21'

High offices in the church

ACHERNAR 13PIS53 15PIS19 General Eridanus -57.14'

Criticism and persecution through mediumship, but help from friends

SKAT 07PIS29 08PIS52 Sun Aquarius -15.49'

Philosophical studies

ANTARES 08SAG22 09SAG46 Moon Scorpius -26.26'
GIEDI PRIMA 18CAN51 20CAN14 Jupiter Gemini +31.53'
DENEB ALGEDI 22AQU08 23AQU33 Mercury Capricornus -16.08'
ETAMIN 26SAG35 27SAG58 General Draco +51.29'
POLLUX 21CAN50 23CAN13 Sun Gemini +28.01'

Religion or philosophy

EL NATH 21GEM11 22GEM35 Sun Taurus +28.36'

Religious and philosophical mind

ZANIAH 03LIB08 04LIB31 Jupiter Virgo +00.07'


CANOPUS 13CAN35 14CAN58 General Carina -52.42'
FORAMEN 20LIB47 22LIB09 General Carina -59.40'
MARKEB 27VIR31 28VIR54 General Vela -54.59'

Ecclesiastical preferment

ASELLUS BOREALI 06LEO09 07LEO32 Jupiter Cancer +21.28'
EL NATH 21GEM11 22GEM35 Sun Taurus +28.36'
LABRUM 25VIR18 26VIR41 Rising Crater -14.46'
SIRIUS 12CAN42 14CAN05 Jupiter Canis Major -16.42'
SPICA 22LIB27 23LIB50 Culminating Virgo -11.08'
SPICA 22LIB27 23LIB50 Jupiter Virgo -11.08'
SPICA 22LIB27 23LIB50 Rising Virgo -11.08'

Public prominence in religious matters

RAS ALHAGUE 21SAG03 22SAG27 Moon Ophiuchus +12.33'

Prophetic instincts

PORRIMA 08LIB46 10LIB08 General Virgo -01.26'

Ability to prophesy. On the Euphrates this star along with Zosma, was the god Kua, the Oracle

COXA 12VIR02 13VIR25 General Leo Minor +15.26'
SUBRA 09VIR55 11VIR19 General Leo +20.32'

Pretended religion

ALPHERATZ 12ARI55 14ARI18 Saturn Andromeda +29.05'
ANTARES 08SAG22 09SAG46 Sun Scorpius -26.26'

Real or pretended religious zeal

ACRAB 01SAG48 03SAG11 Jupiter Scorpius -19.48'
ALGENIB 07ARI46 09ARI09 Jupiter Pegasus +15.11'
ALTAIR 00AQU22 01AQU47 Jupiter Aquila +08.52'


AL HECKA 23GEM23 24GEM47 Neptune Taurus +21.09'
ALHENA 07CAN42 09CAN06 Uranus Gemini +16.24'
ALPHERATZ 12ARI55 14ARI18 Uranus Andromeda +29.05'
GIEDI PRIMA 18CAN51 20CAN14 Moon Gemini +31.53'
DENEB ALGEDI 22AQU08 23AQU33 Neptune Capricornus -16.08'
GIEDI PRIMA 02AQU22 03AQU46 Mercury Capricornus -12.30'
LABRUM 25VIR18 26VIR41 General Crater -14.46'
MINTAKA 21GEM00 22GEM24 Saturn Orion +00.21'
POLLUX 21CAN50 23CAN13 Uranus Gemini +28.01'
SABIK 16SAG34 17SAG58 Neptune Ophiuchus -15.43'
GIEDI PRIMA 02PIS22 03PIS46 Neptune Aquarius +00.47'
GIEDI PRIMA 02PIS22 03PIS46 Saturn Aquarius +00.47'
GIEDI PRIMA 02PIS22 03PIS46 Uranus Aquarius +00.47'
SADALSUUD 22AQU00 23AQU24 Sun Aquarius -05.34'
SCHEAT 27PIS59 29PIS22 Uranus Pegasus +28.04'
SKAT 07PIS29 08PIS52 Mercury Aquarius -15.49'
SKAT 07PIS29 08PIS52 Neptune Aquarius -15.49'
SKAT 07PIS29 08PIS52 Sun Aquarius -15.49'
SKAT 07PIS29 08PIS52 Venus Aquarius -15.49'
POLIS 28SCO13 29SCO29 Neptune Centaurus -60.49'
ZANIAH 03LIB08 04LIB31 Uranus Virgo +00.07'
ZUBENELSCHEMALI 17SCO59 19SCO22 Uranus Libra -09.22'

Prominent in psychic matters

SCHEAT 27PIS59 29PIS22 Neptune Pegasus +28.04'

Great psychic power entailing much public criticism

GIEDI PRIMA 18CAN51 20CAN14 Uranus Gemini +31.53'

Remarkable psychic powers entailing criticism and ridicule but eventual prominence

GIEDI PRIMA 18CAN51 20CAN14 Mercury Gemini +31.53'

Psychic in childhood

GIEDI PRIMA 02AQU22 03AQU46 Neptune Capricornus -12.30'

Psychic powers, suffering through occultism

ALPHECCA 10SCO53 12SCO18 Uranus Corona Borealis +26.43'

Unconsciously psychic

PRIMA HYADUM 04GEM24 05GEM48 Uranus Taurus +15.37'

Does much good in purifying creeds and philosophies

GIEDI PRIMA 02PIS22 03PIS46 Uranus Aquarius +00.47'


ACHERNAR 13PIS53 15PIS19 General Eridanus -57.14'
MIMOSA 10SCO16 11SCO39 General Crux -59.40'
NUNKI 10CAP59 12CAP23 General Sagittarius -26.17'
ROTANEV 14AQU57 16AQU20 Constellation Delphinus +14.35'
SABIK 16SAG34 17SAG58 Sun Ophiuchus -15.43'
SIRIUS 12CAN42 14CAN05 Neptune Canis Major -16.42'
SUALOCIN 15AQU59 17AQU23 Constellation Delphinus +15.54'

Occult interests and research

GIEDI PRIMA 02PIS22 03PIS46 Mercury Aquarius +00.47'
GIEDI PRIMA 02PIS22 03PIS46 Venus Aquarius +00.47'

Sacrifice and offerings

GIEDI PRIMA 02AQU22 03AQU46 General Capricornus -12.30'

Occult interests, associated with occult societies

VEGA 13CAP55 15CAP19 Neptune Lyra +38.47'

Spiritual powers

ATRIA 19SAG30 20SAG54 Constellation Triangulum -69.02'

Spiritual orientation

ALHENA 07CAN42 09CAN06 General Gemini +16.24'
BETELGEUSE 27GEM21 28GEM45 Neptune Orion +07.24'

Mind hovers between spiritual and material things

VINDEMIATRIX 08LIB33 09LIB56 Neptune Virgo +10.58'

Spiritual, interested in occultism but skeptical in religion

ALTAIR 00AQU22 01AQU47 Uranus Aquila +08.52'

Ecclesiastical success

ACAMAR 21ARI52 23ARI16 General Eridanus -40.19'
REGULUS 28LEO26 29LEO50 Jupiter Leo +11.58'
GIEDI PRIMA 02PIS22 03PIS46 Jupiter Aquarius +00.47'


ALGENIB 07ARI46 09ARI09 Neptune Pegasus +15.11'
DENEB ALGEDI 22AQU08 23AQU33 Neptune Capricornus -16.08'

Trouble through church or law

PROCYON 24CAN24 25CAN47 Jupiter Canis Minor +05.13'

Unorthodox in religion

NUNKI 10CAP59 12CAP23 Moon Sagittarius -26.17'

Unpopular attitude and criticism through religion, philosophy or science

RAS ALHAGUE 21SAG03 22SAG27 Mercury Ophiuchus +12.33'

Unorthodox or heretical religious views that may cause trouble

SABIK 16SAG34 17SAG58 Mars Ophiuchus -15.43'
SABIK 16SAG34 17SAG58 Sun Ophiuchus -15.43'

Broad and unorthodox religious views

PRIMA HYADUM 04GEM24 05GEM48 Neptune Taurus +15.37'

Peculiar religious views

CAPELLA 20GEM28 21GEM51 Uranus Auriga +46.00'
DENEB KAITOS 01ARI11 02ARI35 Neptune Cetus -17.59'
GIEDI PRIMA 02AQU22 03AQU46 Uranus Capricornus -12.30'

Worship of God

BOTEIN 19TAU27 20TAU51 Constellation Aries +19.44'
HAMAL 06TAU16 07TAU40 Constellation Aries +23.27'
MESARTHIM 01TAU47 03TAU11 Constellation Aries +19.17'
SHERATAN 02TAU34 03TAU58 Constellation Aries +20.47'

Religious or philosophical work

ACRAB 01SAG48 03SAG11 Uranus Scorpius -19.48'