Fixed Star Long. 1900 Long. 2000 Planet contact Constellation Decl. 2000

Often single

PORRIMA 08LIB46 10LIB08 Uranus Virgo -01.26'
BELLATRIX 19GEM33 20GEM57 Saturn Orion +06.21'

Rarely marries

GIEDI PRIMA 02AQU22 03AQU46 Saturn Capricornus -12.30'
MINTAKA 21GEM00 22GEM24 Neptune Orion +00.21'
SABIK 16SAG34 17SAG58 Uranus Ophiuchus -15.43'

Usually unmarried

UNUKALHAI 20SCO40 22SCO05 Saturn Serpens +06.26'

Often lives alone but if married danger of separation and divorce

DABIH 02AQU39 04AQU03 Saturn Capricornus -14.47'

Two or more marriages

ALHENA 07CAN42 09CAN06 Uranus Gemini +16.24'

Several marriages

ALNILAM 22GEM04 23GEM28 Uranus Orion -01.12'

Several unhappy marriages

DSCHUBBA 01SAG10 02SAG34 Saturn Scorpius -22.36'

Love disappointments but marries above own station

ALPHECCA 10SCO53 12SCO18 Saturn Corona Borealis +26.43'

Some domestic disharmony or separation, marries too young especially if female

GIEDI PRIMA 18CAN51 20CAN14 Neptune Gemini +31.53'

Unfavorable for early marriage but favorable for one in middle age

DABIH 02AQU39 04AQU03 Neptune Capricornus -14.47'

Favorable for marriage after 30

RIGEL 15GEM26 16GEM50 Uranus Orion -08.12'

Favorable for marriage after 35

PRIMA HYADUM 04GEM24 05GEM48 Uranus Taurus +15.37'

Bad for marriage before middle age

SADALSUUD 22AQU00 23AQU24 Uranus Aquarius -05.34'

Favorable for marriage in middle age

NUNKI 10CAP59 12CAP23 Uranus Sagittarius -26.17'

Early marriage but may desert wife or be deserted or marriage may be bigamous

SKAT 07PIS29 08PIS52 Saturn Aquarius -15.49'

Harmonious marriage in middle age

POLLUX 21CAN50 23CAN13 Uranus Gemini +28.01'

Late but favorable marriage but peculiar domestic conditions

ACRAB 01SAG48 03SAG11 Neptune Scorpius -19.48'

Favorable marriage late in life

NUNKI 10CAP59 12CAP23 Saturn Sagittarius -26.17'

Favorable for marriage

ALDEBARAN 08GEM23 09GEM47 Moon Taurus +16.31'
ALDEBARAN 08GEM23 09GEM47 Venus Taurus +16.31'
ASELLUS BOREALI 06LEO09 07LEO32 Uranus Cancer +21.28'
BETELGEUSE 27GEM21 28GEM45 Neptune Orion +07.24'
GIEDI PRIMA 18CAN51 20CAN14 Uranus Gemini +31.53'
EL NATH 21GEM11 22GEM35 Saturn Taurus +28.36'
EL NATH 21GEM11 22GEM35 Uranus Taurus +28.36'
HAMAL 06TAU16 07TAU40 Moon Aries +23.27'
MINTAKA 21GEM00 22GEM24 Uranus Orion +00.21'
NUNKI 10CAP59 12CAP23 Sun Sagittarius -26.17'
PRIMA HYADUM 04GEM24 05GEM48 Neptune Taurus +15.37'
PROCYON 24CAN24 25CAN47 Neptune Canis Minor +05.13'
PROCYON 24CAN24 25CAN47 Uranus Canis Minor +05.13'
REGULUS 28LEO26 29LEO50 Uranus Leo +11.58'
RIGEL 15GEM26 16GEM50 Jupiter Orion -08.12'
SIRIUS 12CAN42 14CAN05 Neptune Canis Major -16.42'
SPICA 22LIB27 23LIB50 Neptune Virgo -11.08'
SPICA 22LIB27 23LIB50 Saturn Virgo -11.08'
POLIS 28SCO13 29SCO29 Neptune Centaurus -60.49'
ZANIAH 03LIB08 04LIB31 Sun Virgo +00.07'
ZUBENELSCHEMALI 17SCO59 19SCO22 Saturn Libra -09.22'

Favorable for marriage if male but less so if female

ZANIAH 03LIB08 04LIB31 Uranus Virgo +00.07'

Favorable for marriage, but sometimes one of convenience

ASELLUS BOREALI 06LEO09 07LEO32 Neptune Cancer +21.28'

Favorable for marriage, domestic difficulties overcome

ACRAB 01SAG48 03SAG11 Uranus Scorpius -19.48'

Favorable for marriage though some domestic disturbance

POLIS 28SCO13 29SCO29 Saturn Centaurus -60.49'

Gain through marriage

ACRAB 01SAG48 03SAG11 Saturn Scorpius -19.48'
SPICA 22LIB27 23LIB50 Uranus Virgo -11.08'
ZANIAH 03LIB08 04LIB31 Neptune Virgo +00.07'
ZANIAH 03LIB08 04LIB31 Saturn Virgo +00.07'
ZANIAH 03LIB08 04LIB31 Uranus Virgo +00.07'
ZUBENELSCHEMALI 17SCO59 19SCO22 Neptune Libra -09.22'

Gain through harmonious marriage, especially if male

SIRIUS 12CAN42 14CAN05 Uranus Canis Major -16.42'

Good fortune in marriage

MIRACH 29ARI01 00TAU24 General Andromeda +35.36'

Unfavorable for money matters but gain through marriage, domestic disharmony and peculiar features in connection with marriage

ALPHECCA 10SCO53 12SCO18 Neptune Corona Borealis +26.43'

Domestic benefits

ALHENA 07CAN42 09CAN06 Moon Gemini +16.24'

Domestic harmony

ALPHERATZ 12ARI55 14ARI18 Neptune Andromeda +29.05'
ALPHERATZ 12ARI55 14ARI18 Saturn Andromeda +29.05'
ALPHERATZ 12ARI55 14ARI18 Uranus Andromeda +29.05'
HAMAL 06TAU16 07TAU40 Neptune Aries +23.27'
REGULUS 28LEO26 29LEO50 Neptune Leo +11.58'
RIGEL 15GEM26 16GEM50 Neptune Orion -08.12'
RIGEL 15GEM26 16GEM50 Saturn Orion -08.12'
SIRIUS 12CAN42 14CAN05 Saturn Canis Major -16.42'
SIRIUS 12CAN42 14CAN05 Sun Canis Major -16.42'

Domestic harmony, marriage to one of higher station

PROCYON 24CAN24 25CAN47 Saturn Canis Minor +05.13'

Domestic harmony, peculiar matrimonial conditions

SADALSUUD 22AQU00 23AQU24 Neptune Aquarius -05.34'

Domestic success

ALDEBARAN 08GEM23 09GEM47 Saturn Taurus +16.31'
ALDEBARAN 08GEM23 09GEM47 Uranus Taurus +16.31'

Domestic happiness

HAMAL 06TAU16 07TAU40 Saturn Aries +23.27'

Influential marriage

RIGEL 15GEM26 16GEM50 Venus Orion -08.12'

Influenced by marriage partner

HAMAL 06TAU16 07TAU40 Mercury Aries +23.27'

Peculiar and romantic marriage, may be separated for years from partner through secret government work or political reasons of which even the native may be ignorant

GIEDI PRIMA 02AQU22 03AQU46 Venus Capricornus -12.30'

Domestic harmony

SABIK 16SAG34 17SAG58 Neptune Ophiuchus -15.43'
SADALSUUD 22AQU00 23AQU24 Sun Aquarius -05.34'

Advantageous marriage, but domestic disharmony

ASELLUS AUSTRAL 07LEO19 08LEO43 Neptune Cancer +18.09'

Some domestic affliction

ALTAIR 00AQU22 01AQU47 Uranus Aquila +08.52'

Some domestic disagreements

NUNKI 10CAP59 12CAP23 Neptune Sagittarius -26.17'

Danger of matrimonial troubles

POLLUX 21CAN50 23CAN13 Moon Gemini +28.01'

Difficulties in marriage and quarrels fostered by others

RAS ALHAGUE 21SAG03 22SAG27 Mercury Ophiuchus +12.33'

Occasional peculiar domestic disharmony

ZUBENELSCHEMALI 17SCO59 19SCO22 Uranus Libra -09.22'

Peculiar domestic conditions

GIEDI PRIMA 18CAN51 20CAN14 Saturn Gemini +31.53'
DABIH 02AQU39 04AQU03 Mercury Capricornus -14.47'
GIEDI PRIMA 02AQU22 03AQU46 Neptune Capricornus -12.30'
SADALSUUD 22AQU00 23AQU24 Moon Aquarius -05.34'
SCHEAT 27PIS59 29PIS22 Neptune Pegasus +28.04'

Peculiar matrimonial ideas

EL NATH 21GEM11 22GEM35 Neptune Taurus +28.36'
GIEDI PRIMA 02AQU22 03AQU46 Uranus Capricornus -12.30'

Some domestic discord

ALHENA 07CAN42 09CAN06 Neptune Gemini +16.24'
ALHENA 07CAN42 09CAN06 Saturn Gemini +16.24'

Domestic difficulties

DENEB ALGEDI 22AQU08 23AQU33 Venus Capricornus -16.08'
FOMALHAUT 02PIS27 03PIS52 Mercury Pisces Australis -29.38'
VEGA 13CAP55 15CAP19 Saturn Lyra +38.47'

Obstacles to domestic happiness

ALDEBARAN 08GEM23 09GEM47 Neptune Taurus +16.31'

Domestic disharmony through jealousy

AGENA 22SCO24 23SCO48 Saturn Centaurus -60.22'

Domestic disharmony through jealousy

RAS ALHAGUE 21SAG03 22SAG27 Saturn Ophiuchus +12.33'

Domestic troubles

ALGENIB 07ARI46 09ARI09 Uranus Pegasus +15.11'
CANOPUS 13CAN35 14CAN58 Mercury Carina -52.42'
HAMAL 06TAU16 07TAU40 Venus Aries +23.27'
SCHEAT 27PIS59 29PIS22 Saturn Pegasus +28.04'

Domestic trouble through own acts

ALPHECCA 10SCO53 12SCO18 Uranus Corona Borealis +26.43'

Trouble through marriage partner

PORRIMA 08LIB46 10LIB08 Mars Virgo -01.26'

Domestic disagreements

DENEB KAITOS 01ARI11 02ARI35 Neptune Cetus -17.59'

Domestic quarrels

DENEBOLA 20VIR14 21VIR37 Neptune Leo +14.35'

Domestic sorrow

DENEBOLA 20VIR14 21VIR37 Saturn Leo +14.35'
VEGA 13CAP55 15CAP19 Uranus Lyra +38.47'

Domestic disharmony

AGENA 22SCO24 23SCO48 Uranus Centaurus -60.22'
ALFARD 25LEO53 27LEO17 Saturn Hydra -08.40'
ALNILAM 22GEM04 23GEM28 Mars Orion -01.12'
ALNILAM 22GEM04 23GEM28 Mercury Orion -01.12'
ALNILAM 22GEM04 23GEM28 Neptune Orion -01.12'
ALNILAM 22GEM04 23GEM28 Saturn Orion -01.12'
ALTAIR 00AQU22 01AQU47 Neptune Aquila +08.52'
CANOPUS 13CAN35 14CAN58 Uranus Carina -52.42'
CAPELLA 20GEM28 21GEM51 Moon Auriga +46.00'
CAPELLA 20GEM28 21GEM51 Saturn Auriga +46.00'
DABIH 02AQU39 04AQU03 Mars Capricornus -14.47'
DSCHUBBA 01SAG10 02SAG34 Mercury Scorpius -22.36'
MARKAB 22PIS06 23PIS29 Neptune Pegasus +15.11'
MENKAR 12TAU55 14TAU19 Venus Cetus +04.04'
MINTAKA 21GEM00 22GEM24 Saturn Orion +00.21'
MIRACH 29ARI01 00TAU24 Neptune Andromeda +35.36'
POLLUX 21CAN50 23CAN13 Mercury Gemini +28.01'
RAS ALHAGUE 21SAG03 22SAG27 Neptune Ophiuchus +12.33'
SABIK 16SAG34 17SAG58 Mars Ophiuchus -15.43'

Domestic disharmony caused by antipathy between one of the children and the native or partner

ASELLUS BOREALI 06LEO09 07LEO32 Saturn Cancer +21.28'

Domestic disharmony through intrigue and consequent scandal

PORRIMA 08LIB46 10LIB08 Jupiter Virgo -01.26'


PORRIMA 08LIB46 10LIB08 Moon Virgo -01.26'

Domestic affliction

CANOPUS 13CAN35 14CAN58 Sun Carina -52.42'

Unfavorable for marriage

AL HECKA 23GEM23 24GEM47 Uranus Taurus +21.09'
ALFARD 25LEO53 27LEO17 Mercury Hydra -08.40'
ASELLUS AUSTRAL 07LEO19 08LEO43 Venus Cancer +18.09'
BELLATRIX 19GEM33 20GEM57 Uranus Orion +06.21'
BETELGEUSE 27GEM21 28GEM45 Saturn Orion +07.24'
CANOPUS 13CAN35 14CAN58 Saturn Carina -52.42'
CAPELLA 20GEM28 21GEM51 Uranus Auriga +46.00'
GIEDI PRIMA 18CAN51 20CAN14 Saturn Gemini +31.53'
GIEDI PRIMA 18CAN51 20CAN14 Venus Gemini +31.53'
DABIH 02AQU39 04AQU03 Uranus Capricornus -14.47'
MARKAB 22PIS06 23PIS29 Saturn Pegasus +15.11'
RAS ALHAGUE 21SAG03 22SAG27 Uranus Ophiuchus +12.33'

Trouble in domestic affairs through enemies

POLIS 28SCO13 29SCO29 Mercury Centaurus -60.49'

Bad for marriage

ALFARD 25LEO53 27LEO17 Neptune Hydra -08.40'
ASELLUS AUSTRAL 07LEO19 08LEO43 Uranus Cancer +18.09'
BELLATRIX 19GEM33 20GEM57 Neptune Orion +06.21'
DENEB ALGEDI 22AQU08 23AQU33 Uranus Capricornus -16.08'
DENEB KAITOS 01ARI11 02ARI35 Uranus Cetus -17.59'
DSCHUBBA 01SAG10 02SAG34 Uranus Scorpius -22.36'
MARKAB 22PIS06 23PIS29 Moon Pegasus +15.11'
MARKAB 22PIS06 23PIS29 Uranus Pegasus +15.11'
MIRACH 29ARI01 00TAU24 Moon Andromeda +35.36'
MIRACH 29ARI01 00TAU24 Uranus Andromeda +35.36'
PORRIMA 08LIB46 10LIB08 Neptune Virgo -01.26'
SCHEAT 27PIS59 29PIS22 Mercury Pegasus +28.04'
UNUKALHAI 20SCO40 22SCO05 Neptune Serpens +06.26'
UNUKALHAI 20SCO40 22SCO05 Uranus Serpens +06.26'
UNUKALHAI 20SCO40 22SCO05 Venus Serpens +06.26'
VINDEMIATRIX 08LIB33 09LIB56 Uranus Virgo +10.58'

Domestic unhappiness

AL HECKA 23GEM23 24GEM47 Saturn Taurus +21.09'

Difficulties with in-laws

ACRAB 01SAG48 03SAG11 Uranus Scorpius -19.48'

Enmity with in-laws

ALNILAM 22GEM04 23GEM28 Uranus Orion -01.12'

Scandal through in-laws

SABIK 16SAG34 17SAG58 Mercury Ophiuchus -15.43'

Romantic and peculiar marriage entailing separation for government or political reasons

SADALSUUD 22AQU00 23AQU24 Venus Aquarius -05.34'

Temporary domestic separations

VINDEMIATRIX 08LIB33 09LIB56 Neptune Virgo +10.58'

Domestic quarrels, temporary separation

DENEBOLA 20VIR14 21VIR37 Moon Leo +14.35'

Home may be broken up

PORRIMA 08LIB46 10LIB08 Saturn Virgo -01.26'
VEGA 13CAP55 15CAP19 Neptune Lyra +38.47'

Domestic troubles and separation from wife or children

AL HECKA 23GEM23 24GEM47 Mercury Taurus +21.09'

Separated from marriage partner

SKAT 07PIS29 08PIS52 Neptune Aquarius -15.49'

Detrimental environment, owing to wife

EL NATH 21GEM11 22GEM35 Moon Taurus +28.36'

Marriage partner proves false

ALCYONE 28TAU36 00GEM00 Uranus Taurus +24.06'
ASTEROPE 28TAU21 29TAU44 Uranus Taurus +24.33'
CELAENO 28TAU02 29TAU26 Uranus Taurus +24.17'
ELECTRA 28TAU01 29TAU25 Uranus Taurus +24.06'
MAIA 28TAU17 29TAU41 Uranus Taurus +24.21'
MEROPE 28TAU18 29TAU42 Uranus Taurus +23.56'
TAYGETA 28TAU10 29TAU34 Uranus Taurus +24.27'

Ill health of spouse

ALCYONE 28TAU36 00GEM00 Neptune Taurus +24.06'
ASTEROPE 28TAU21 29TAU44 Neptune Taurus +24.33'
CELAENO 28TAU02 29TAU26 Neptune Taurus +24.17'
ELECTRA 28TAU01 29TAU25 Neptune Taurus +24.06'
MAIA 28TAU17 29TAU41 Neptune Taurus +24.21'
MENKAR 12TAU55 14TAU19 Mercury Cetus +04.04'
MENKAR 12TAU55 14TAU19 Venus Cetus +04.04'
MEROPE 28TAU18 29TAU42 Neptune Taurus +23.56'
RAS ALHAGUE 21SAG03 22SAG27 Neptune Ophiuchus +12.33'
TAYGETA 28TAU10 29TAU34 Neptune Taurus +24.27'

Ill health of wife or mother

ALFARD 25LEO53 27LEO17 Moon Hydra -08.40'

Domestic harmony but sickness to wife or children entailing the breaking up of home

GIEDI PRIMA 02PIS22 03PIS46 Neptune Aquarius +00.47'

Anxiety on account of illness of wife or mother

NUNKI 10CAP59 12CAP23 Mercury Sagittarius -26.17'

Chronic illness to wife or children

GIEDI PRIMA 02PIS22 03PIS46 Saturn Aquarius +00.47'

Marriage partner may be invalid

RAS ALHAGUE 21SAG03 22SAG27 Saturn Ophiuchus +12.33'

Afflicted marriage partner

FOMALHAUT 02PIS27 03PIS52 Uranus Pisces Australis -29.38'

Wife afflicted or children mentally unsound or deformed

DENEBOLA 20VIR14 21VIR37 Saturn Leo +14.35'

Wife may be sickly or die soon after marriage

AL HECKA 23GEM23 24GEM47 Neptune Taurus +21.09'

Death of wife or mother

RIGEL 15GEM26 16GEM50 Moon Orion -08.12'

Death of marriage partner

FOMALHAUT 02PIS27 03PIS52 Neptune Pisces Australis -29.38'
MENKAR 12TAU55 14TAU19 Moon Cetus +04.04'