Fixed Star Long. 1900 Long. 2000 Planet contact Constellation Decl. 2000

Avengers of crimes and in charge of public courts and inquiries. If Saturn is in any aspect with Vega when rising, the native will pursue this vocation with a fanaticism to the point of utilizing tortures and executions to stamp out what he considers evil

VEGA 13CAP55 15CAP19 General Lyra +38.47'

Clever criminal, notorious as a forger or counterfeiter but rarely caught

BETELGEUSE 27GEM21 28GEM45 Uranus Orion +07.24'

May commit crime

UNUKALHAI 20SCO40 22SCO05 Uranus Serpens +06.26'

May suffer from some crime committed

FOMALHAUT 02PIS27 03PIS52 Sun Pisces Australis -29.38'


UNUKALHAI 20SCO40 22SCO05 Mars Serpens +06.26'


DSCHUBBA 01SAG10 02SAG34 Mars Scorpius -22.36'
DSCHUBBA 01SAG10 02SAG34 Mercury Scorpius -22.36'

Imprisonment for embezzling

POLLUX 21CAN50 23CAN13 Sun Gemini +28.01'

May be a forger

ALGENIB 07ARI46 09ARI09 Neptune Pegasus +15.11'


BELLATRIX 19GEM33 20GEM57 Culminating Orion +06.21'
PRIMA HYADUM 04GEM24 05GEM48 Moon Taurus +15.37'

Accused of forgery or theft of papers

UNUKALHAI 20SCO40 22SCO05 Mercury Serpens +06.26'

Public disgrace, probably through forgery

VEGA 13CAP55 15CAP19 Moon Lyra +38.47'

Uses friends' name to obtain money but matter amicably settled

ZUBENELSCHEMALI 17SCO59 19SCO22 Moon Libra -09.22'

Tendency to great crime

ALFARD 25LEO53 27LEO17 Uranus Hydra -08.40'

Criminals and liars

ACUBENS 12LEO15 13LEO38 General Cancer +11.52'

Life of crime

ADHAFERA 26LEO10 27LEO34 General Leo +23.25'

Often criminal

UNUKALHAI 20SCO40 22SCO05 Neptune Serpens +06.26'

Premeditated crime

HAMAL 06TAU16 07TAU40 General Aries +23.27'

Danger of robbery

ALWAID 10SAG34 11SAG58 Constellation Draco +52.18'
ARRAKIS 23SCO21 24SCO45 Constellation Draco +54.28'
DZIBAN 12CAN21 13CAN48 Constellation Draco +72.09'
EDASICH 03LIB31 04LIB57 Constellation Draco +58.58'
ETAMIN 26SAG35 27SAG58 Constellation Draco +51.29'
GIANSAR 08LEO55 10LEO20 Constellation Draco +69.20'
GRUMIUM 23SAG21 24SAG45 Constellation Draco +56.52'
KUMA 08SAG54 10SAG20 Constellation Draco +55.11'
NODUS I 01LIB51 03LIB23 Constellation Draco +65.43'
NODUS II 15ARI51 17ARI10 Constellation Draco +67.39'
THUBAN 06VIR02 07VIR27 Constellation Draco +64.23'
TYL 01TAU21 02TAU42 Constellation Draco +70.16'


VINDEMIATRIX 08LIB33 09LIB56 General Virgo +10.58'

Crime and stealing

ADHAFERA 26LEO10 27LEO34 General Leo +23.25'

Criminal tendencies

ALGENIB 07ARI46 09ARI09 Neptune Pegasus +15.11'
ALWAID 10SAG34 11SAG58 General Draco +52.18'
HAMAL 06TAU16 07TAU40 Mars Aries +23.27'


ALGENIB 07ARI46 09ARI09 Mars Pegasus +15.11'

Theft, crime

ACRAB 01SAG48 03SAG11 General Scorpius -19.48'

Inclined to theft

SHELIAK 17CAP30 18CAP53 Constellation Lyra +33.21'
SULAPHAT 20CAP32 21CAP55 Constellation Lyra +32.41'
VEGA 13CAP55 15CAP19 Constellation Lyra +38.47'

Loss through servants and thieves

DENEBOLA 20VIR14 21VIR37 Saturn Leo +14.35'

Danger from thieves

MENKAR 12TAU55 14TAU19 Moon Cetus +04.04'
POLARIS 27GEM10 28GEM34 Moon Ursa Minor +89.15'
POLLUX 21CAN50 23CAN13 Moon Gemini +28.01'