Fixed Star Long. 1900 Long. 2000 Planet contact Constellation Decl. 2000

Bad for business affairs

ASELLUS AUSTRAL 07LEO19 08LEO43 Moon Cancer +18.09'

Many alliances

SKAT 07PIS29 08PIS52 Neptune Aquarius -15.49'

Business in art

AIN 07GEM19 08GEM28 Jupiter Taurus +19.11'

Favorable for gain through companies, banks or stocks

GIEDI PRIMA 02PIS22 03PIS46 Neptune Aquarius +00.47'

Associated with companies

SPICA 22LIB27 23LIB50 Neptune Virgo -11.08'

Associated with companies, public position, but little prominence

SKAT 07PIS29 08PIS52 Moon Aquarius -15.49'

Gain through companies

GIEDI PRIMA 02PIS22 03PIS46 Saturn Aquarius +00.47'
GIEDI PRIMA 02PIS22 03PIS46 Sun Aquarius +00.47'

Success in large companies

GIEDI PRIMA 02PIS22 03PIS46 Mercury Aquarius +00.47'
GIEDI PRIMA 02PIS22 03PIS46 Moon Aquarius +00.47'

Trouble through companies

MIRACH 29ARI01 00TAU24 Neptune Andromeda +35.36'

Trouble through companies or public affairs

ALTAIR 00AQU22 01AQU47 Moon Aquila +08.52'

Benefits from companies

PRIMA HYADUM 04GEM24 05GEM48 Neptune Taurus +15.37'

Loss through companies

SEGINUS 16LIB16 17LIB40 General Bootes +38.19'

Associated with large concerns

NUNKI 10CAP59 12CAP23 Neptune Sagittarius -26.17'

Loss in business

ALNILAM 22GEM04 23GEM28 Uranus Orion -01.12'
MINTAKA 21GEM00 22GEM24 Uranus Orion +00.21'

Involved in disputes with corporations owing to socialistic interests

ASELLUS BOREALI 06LEO09 07LEO32 Uranus Cancer +21.28'

Business difficulties, which will be overcome, loses respect of associates

PORRIMA 08LIB46 10LIB08 Mercury Virgo -01.26'

Poor executive ability, obstacles to success

AGENA 22SCO24 23SCO48 Neptune Centaurus -60.22'

Failure in business

ALCYONE 28TAU36 00GEM00 Mercury Taurus +24.06'
ASTEROPE 28TAU21 29TAU44 Mercury Taurus +24.33'
CELAENO 28TAU02 29TAU26 Mercury Taurus +24.17'
ELECTRA 28TAU01 29TAU25 Mercury Taurus +24.06'
MAIA 28TAU17 29TAU41 Mercury Taurus +24.21'
MEROPE 28TAU18 29TAU42 Mercury Taurus +23.56'
SABIK 16SAG34 17SAG58 Mercury Ophiuchus -15.43'
TAYGETA 28TAU10 29TAU34 Mercury Taurus +24.27'
VINDEMIATRIX 08LIB33 09LIB56 Moon Virgo +10.58'
VINDEMIATRIX 08LIB33 09LIB56 Sun Virgo +10.58'

Favorable for business matters

ALDEBARAN 08GEM23 09GEM47 Moon Taurus +16.31'
ANTARES 08SAG22 09SAG46 Moon Scorpius -26.26'

Gain through business

ZANIAH 03LIB08 04LIB31 Uranus Virgo +00.07'
ZUBENELSCHEMALI 17SCO59 19SCO22 Neptune Libra -09.22'

Good in business

MINTAKA 21GEM00 22GEM24 Moon Orion +00.21'

Indecisive in business

BELLATRIX 19GEM33 20GEM57 Sun Orion +06.21'

Gain through investment

SPICA 22LIB27 23LIB50 Mercury Virgo -11.08'

Business losses

AL HECKA 23GEM23 24GEM47 Jupiter Taurus +21.09'
VINDEMIATRIX 08LIB33 09LIB56 Mercury Virgo +10.58'

Loss in business

VEGA 13CAP55 15CAP19 Mercury Lyra +38.47'

Loss in business or through fire or speculation

ZUBEN ELGENUBIS 13SCO41 15SCO05 Sun Libra -16.01'

Business and mercantile pursuits, or engaged in science, may be head of a learned institution or connected with large companies

ALNILAM 22GEM04 23GEM28 Neptune Orion -01.12'

Success in mercantile pursuits, banks or corporations

SIRIUS 12CAN42 14CAN05 Neptune Canis Major -16.42'

Gain through metals

ALDEBARAN 08GEM23 09GEM47 Neptune Taurus +16.31'

Brings misfortune to associates

FOMALHAUT 02PIS27 03PIS52 Uranus Pisces Australis -29.38'

Mortgage payment difficulties

MENKAR 12TAU55 14TAU19 Mercury Cetus +04.04'

Clothing, ornaments

HAMAL 06TAU16 07TAU40 Neptune Aries +23.27'

Business connected with ornaments

SPICA 22LIB27 23LIB50 Uranus Virgo -11.08'

Suffers through partners

ALPHECCA 10SCO53 12SCO18 Moon Corona Borealis +26.43'

Good for partnership

POLLUX 21CAN50 23CAN13 Neptune Gemini +28.01'

Gain through partnerships

ZANIAH 03LIB08 04LIB31 Neptune Virgo +00.07'

Not good for gain but greatest success in partnership

BETELGEUSE 27GEM21 28GEM45 Neptune Orion +07.24'

Trouble and loss through partnership matters

CANOPUS 13CAN35 14CAN58 Mercury Carina -52.42'

Quarrels with partners

PROCYON 24CAN24 25CAN47 Moon Canis Minor +05.13'

Bad for partnership

ALTAIR 00AQU22 01AQU47 Mercury Aquila +08.52'

Prospectors of gold or silver or who are ministers of money

THUBAN 06VIR02 07VIR27 Rising Draco +64.23'

Shrewd and profitable business dealings, eventual wealth but little comfort

BETELGEUSE 27GEM21 28GEM45 Jupiter Orion +07.24'

Shrewd and selfish in business

DABIH 02AQU39 04AQU03 Neptune Capricornus -14.47'

Successful business

ALPHERATZ 12ARI55 14ARI18 Mars Andromeda +29.05'
ALPHERATZ 12ARI55 14ARI18 Moon Andromeda +29.05'
ASELLUS BOREALI 06LEO09 07LEO32 Sun Cancer +21.28'
EL NATH 21GEM11 22GEM35 Moon Taurus +28.36'
MIRACH 29ARI01 00TAU24 Neptune Andromeda +35.36'
SIRIUS 12CAN42 14CAN05 Jupiter Canis Major -16.42'
SIRIUS 12CAN42 14CAN05 Moon Canis Major -16.42'
SIRIUS 12CAN42 14CAN05 Sun Canis Major -16.42'
POLIS 28SCO13 29SCO29 Mercury Centaurus -60.49'
VEGA 13CAP55 15CAP19 Moon Lyra +38.47'
VINDEMIATRIX 08LIB33 09LIB56 Saturn Virgo +10.58'

Great business success

SIRIUS 12CAN42 14CAN05 Mercury Canis Major -16.42'

Successful, gain through business or under government

GIEDI PRIMA 02PIS22 03PIS46 Uranus Aquarius +00.47'

Successful in business, but retires under a cloud

DABIH 02AQU39 04AQU03 Moon Capricornus -14.47'

Bad for business success

DSCHUBBA 01SAG10 02SAG34 Moon Scorpius -22.36'

Prosperity in trade

ALSUHAIL 09VIR49 11VIR11 Constellation Vela -43.26'
AVIOR 21VIR47 23VIR08 Constellation Carina -59.31'
AZMIDISKE 04LEO39 06LEO02 Constellation Pupis -24.52'
CANOPUS 13CAN35 14CAN58 Constellation Carina -52.42'
FORAMEN 20LIB47 22LIB09 Constellation Carina -59.40'
MARKEB 27VIR31 28VIR54 Constellation Vela -54.59'
MIAPLACIDUS 00SCO37 01SCO58 Constellation Carina -69.42'
NAOS 17LEO10 18LEO33 Constellation Puppis -39.59'
TUREIS 03LIB58 05LIB20 Constellation Carina -59.15'

Success in trade and commerce

ALPHECCA 10SCO53 12SCO18 Rising Corona Borealis +26.43'

Success in trade conducted upon the sea

ALCYONE 28TAU36 00GEM00 General Taurus +24.06'
ASTEROPE 28TAU21 29TAU44 General Taurus +24.33'
CELAENO 28TAU02 29TAU26 General Taurus +24.17'
MAIA 28TAU17 29TAU41 General Taurus +24.21'
MEROPE 28TAU18 29TAU42 General Taurus +23.56'
TAYGETA 28TAU10 29TAU34 General Taurus +24.27'
ELECTRA 28TAU01 29TAU25 General Taurus +24.06'

Trouble in business

ASELLUS AUSTRAL 07LEO19 08LEO43 Sun Cancer +18.09'

Business troubles, loss of wealth and poverty

AL HECKA 23GEM23 24GEM47 Mercury Taurus +21.09'

Unlucky in business

FOMALHAUT 02PIS27 03PIS52 Mercury Pisces Australis -29.38'

Manufacturers of weapons for hunting or raising of hunting dogs

GOMEISA 20CAN48 22CAN12 Constellation Canis Minor +08.17'
PROCYON 24CAN24 25CAN47 Constellation Canis Minor +05.13'

Business worries

PORRIMA 08LIB46 10LIB08 Moon Virgo -01.26'